XCMG XM200KII Milling Machine Helps Road Construction in Jinan City

Recently, the Xugong XM200KII milling machine debuted at the Qianqian Road repair project at the bus station of the Shanghe County in Jinan City. Due to the criss-crossing of the old road network, the repaired “patches” of cement were dotted, adding difficulty to construction. The XM200KII milling machine on the construction site has demonstrated superior construction efficiency.

XCMG XM200KII Milling Machine Helps Road Construction in Jinan City

During the construction process, the milling machine's after-sales service engineer tracked and guided the entire journey. The construction party praised XCMG's “intimate” and “fitting” services. In addition, because the XM200KII milling machine has optimized the 850mm width of the conveyor belt, the conveying capacity has been greatly enhanced, and the new intelligent sprinkler system has greatly increased construction efficiency. At the construction site, due to the lack of vehicles for transportation waste, it is difficult to undertake milling waste in a timely manner, resulting in the frequent standby of the milling machine and other waste transportation vehicles, which actually allows users to experience a “happy trouble”. The perfect construction performance of the XCMG milling machine at the construction site was praised by the Shanghe users. (This article is from Xugong)

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