What are the reasons for the difficulty of cold start of garbage truck?

What are the reasons for the difficulty of cold start of garbage truck?

In the winter, it often encounters cold hardship problems that often fail. It is most likely due to improper use of garbage engine lubricants. The reason is that the viscosity of ordinary lubricating oils deteriorates as the temperature decreases, and if the lubricating oil cannot reach the parts that need to be lubricated in time, the engine parts of the garbage truck run without lubrication oil film, and the wear is very large. Later, I used the low temperature cold protection lubricant, I think Shell is good, can work at 40 degrees and minus 36 degrees. In addition, I think that in the winter months, one or two engine oils will be replaced depending on the mileage. The oil selected for the two oil changes must be superior to the oil changed in other seasons in terms of performance, so as to be completely safe.

Loss of battery: Its performance is characterized by the starter turning but the speed is not enough, that is, powerless, then the starter only buzz. The low temperature in winter and the forgetting of individual electrical equipment will cause the garbage truck to fail to start. Especially for long-term low-speed short-term use in winter, the battery voltage will be lower than the rated value, and it will start and fail to operate normally. If there is any problem, please call the service station for rescue calls, or find a car to fight it, or temporarily face the fire. Then you must charge the battery to the service station.
Gasoline flow blocked: The performance characteristic is no oil pressure in the engine oil supply pipe. This happens mostly in the morning with extremely low temperatures and is caused by long-term contamination of the fuel line. When the temperature is extremely low, the water and the sundries are mixed so that the fuel line is blocked and the result cannot be started. Emergency methods: Put the garbage truck in a warm environment and start it in a short time; or use the method of cleaning the oil circuit to completely solve it. Automotive maintenance and conservation network.
Ignition system working condition is not good: especially cold weather due to low intake air temperature, fuel atomization in the cylinder is not good, if the ignition energy is insufficient, the result will be flooding phenomenon, that is, too much fuel accumulated in the cylinder, The concentration of fire exceeds the limit and it is impossible to drive. Emergency methods: Screw plugs can be screwed off to wipe off the oil between the electrodes. A thorough approach is to check the ignition system and eliminate the causes of low ignition energy, such as spark plug electrode gap, ignition coil energy, and high voltage line conditions.
Valve Gluing: After using garbage trucks in winter, especially after using unclean petrol, the non-combustibles in gasoline will accumulate near the intake and exhaust valves and the combustion chamber, causing chilling in the cold morning, or even not. on fire. Emergency method: some oil can be dripped into the combustion chamber, generally start. After start-up, the service station shall be cleaned without dismantling, and the cylinder head shall be severely dismantled.
Exhaust pipe frozen: appearance is characterized by fog cylinder pressure, normal supply of fuel, no car. This kind of situation is likely to occur in vehicles with a particularly low frequency of use. If the home is particularly close to the unit, the water vapor of the engine is frozen in the muffler of the exhaust pipe. , A long time, affect the exhaust, serious can not start. The solution is very simple, put the car in a warm environment, and the ice can start naturally. A thorough solution can be run in time to run at a high speed. The car will run for a while, and the heat of the exhaust will exhaust the ice completely.
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