Volkswagen brand potential competitor

Volkswagen brand potential competitor

Who will benefit from the diesel emissions scandal? This question takes time to answer, but after looking at the cars most often compared to the public, consumers may get some clues about the above issues.

Which brands may steal public consumers?

If diesel passenger vehicles are prohibited from sale by the U.S. government, or if they simply do not want to choose the brand, which brand will the potential consumers of the popular brand choose?

Data from the data site shows that among the various automotive brands, Volkswagen’s potential consumers are most likely to choose Ford, Toyota, and Honda. But the public may have enough means to allow some of them to continue to choose themselves.

A large number of potential customers may be thrown into the arms of competitors due to the scandal of diesel vehicles, although the public wants to prevent this from happening. Among the many automotive brands, the following brands are most often used by consumers for comparison with popular brands.

After the diesel emission scandal appeared, the attention rate of some Volkswagen gasoline models reached a peak. According to, as of October 4th, about 40% of consumers who are concerned about the diesel version of the Volkswagen Golf Touring Wagon have begun to notice the gasoline version of the car. In contrast, this ratio was only 33% before the diesel vehicle scandal broke out.

Jessica Caldwell, senior analyst at, said that Volkswagen's buyers are more loyal than Volkswagen's average. 51% of Volkswagen diesel car buyers will choose another Volkswagen diesel car when they change trains, and only 39% of all Volkswagen's car owners said they would choose this brand again.

When a consumer is thinking about a Volkswagen diesel car, it is difficult for him to be interested in other brands. For example, among the consumers concerned about the diesel version of Jetta, the other most concerned models are also Volkswagen brands, of which 9.2% will focus on the diesel version of golf, while the proportion of gasoline Jetta concerned about 28.5%.

If you do not choose TDI models, which car will consumers choose?

If Volkswagen's diesel vehicles stop selling, what potential consumers of these models will choose? In most cases, these consumers will still choose other models of the Volkswagen brand, of course, some other brands of competing products will be considered by consumers.

According to, among the potential consumers of the Jetta TDI, the most likely non-vouchers to choose are the Honda Accord, and the proportion of consumers concerned about this model is only 7.5%.

Even if consumers of VW diesel vehicles are more loyal to the brand, after the “emissions fraud” incident, a portion of the market share of VW will still be taken away by competitors. In addition to the popular brands, the potential consumers of golf TDI's most popular models are the Mazda 3 hatchback. The second and third most contrasted models with the Jetta SportWagen TDI are Subaru's Foresters and Outback. Once the Volkswagen diesel version is banned from selling, these models pose a serious threat to the public.

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