Underground mining ore quality management measures

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Underground mining ore quality management measures
There are stones in the ore body, and the ore is in contact with the surrounding rock, which will inevitably lead to the depletion of the ore. In order to prevent the depletion of the ore and increase the cost of ore dressing , this management method is specially formulated. |
1. The stope of the shallow hole retention method has a design depletion rate of 8%, and there is a stope with a sublevel caving method, and the design depletion rate is 25%;

2. The waste rock of the wellhead mine site shall be sent by hand to enter the waste rock of the ore dressing mine or raw material warehouse, the blockiness shall exceed 200×200mm, and each waste stone shall be fined 20 yuan;

3. The ore that is transported into the ore dressing or mine or raw material warehouse, when the depletion rate exceeds 8%, based on 8%, the depletion rate increases by 1%, the detonation charge deducts 2 yuan, and the depletion rate decreases by 1%. , ton mine rewards 1 yuan;

4. Calculate the depletion rate of the ore according to the geological grade of the stope and roadway geological sampling test and the output grade of the ore sampling test of the ore dressing ore or raw material warehouse;

5. The geological grade is based on the geological accounting of the Ministry of Production Technology. The ore sampling of the ore dressing or raw material warehouse should be representative. The construction team can send people to carry out the monitoring samples. When there are disputes over the sampling, testing and calculation, Ruling by the company's production technology department;

6. Ore sampling, testing, and calculation must be realistic and not falsified. If false behavior is found, the consequences are borne by the party and severe punishment is imposed on the construction team;

7. The waste rock in the stope obeys the arrangement of the company's technical personnel. Anyone who disobeys the arrangement of the technicians will cause the ore to be depleted by human factors and find a fine of 500 yuan for the construction team.
January 1, 2006

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