Traveling by car in Shenzhou Shenzhen brings you a glimpse of the SAR

It is the first special economic zone set up since China’s reform and opening up. It is a window of China’s reform and opening up and an important international gateway for China’s foreign exchanges. Today, Shenzhou Car Rental will take you to Shenzhen, a city that you know in depth.
Up to now, China Car Rental has more than 700 direct service outlets in 70 major cities across the country, providing professional car rental services for business and tourism customers, as well as complete supporting services. China Car Rental Co., Ltd. has opened 82 stores in Shenzhen, and immediately booked online, choosing a favorite car to open the journey.
Located in the Overseas Chinese Town of Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Window of the World is a theme park that combines world wonders, historic sites, ancient and modern attractions, and folk song and dance performances. As a large-scale cultural tourist attraction with the theme of promoting the world's cultural essence, Window of the World gathers the essence of human civilization for thousands of years in the world, with over 130 sights including historic sites, famous places, natural scenery, world wonders, folk houses and sculptures. Including garden art, folk customs, folk songs and dances, large-scale performances and high-tech participatory entertainment projects. The park is divided into eight major regions: World Plaza, Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, Americas, World Sculpture Park and International Street according to the world's geographical structure and activities. The various attractions are freely copied in various proportions, including the world-famous landscape of the Egyptian pyramids, Amon Temple, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the Grand Canyon of the United States, the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, the St. Peters Basilica in the Vatican, the Taj Mahal in India, Sydney, Australia Opera House, Leaning Tower of Pisa, etc.

"Diwang Tourism, Shenzhen-Hong Kong Window", the tallest building in Shenzhen, the height of 384 meters Diwang Building is located in the triangle area between Shennan East Road, Jiefang Road and Bao'an South Road in Luohu District. It is the first steel structure high-rise building in China. Its top floor is the first high-level tourist area in Asia and is an important symbol of Shenzhen in recent years.
Diwang Building combines Shenzhen and Hong Kong cityscapes with high-tech entertainment, integrating fun and knowledge into one, with 15 play areas, followed by Century Innovations, Shenzhen-Hong Kong Festival, South Hope Hong Kong, Shenzhen-Hong Kong Century, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Wanted, unlimited business opportunities, lakes and mountains, a night of the city, interesting ecology, the Central Range Rover, leisure space, a northern view of Shenzhen, piracy legends, food style and shopping paradise. The top-level tourism project uses the high-tech techniques of international tourism and leisure. The image of “Shenzhen-Hong Kong Window” is the theme of the exhibition. It integrates the latitude of time and the latitude of space, integrates Shenzhen-Hong Kong regional historical culture, modern urban commerce and leisure culture. The combination of high-tech sightseeing and high-altitude tourism has created a new level of tourism for high-level tourism in China. Standing on the "Tourism of the Earth King", the 360-degree panoramic view of Shenzhen and Hong Kong will give people an unparalleled high-altitude viewing experience.

OCT East is the first large-scale comprehensive national eco-tourism demonstration area integrating leisure and vacation, sightseeing, outdoor sports, science education, and ecological exploration. It mainly includes six large plates such as the Daxia Valley Ecological Park, Tea Valley Valley Leisure Park, Yunhai Valley Sports Park, Huaxing Temple, theme hotel community and Tianzhu Mansion. OCT aims to “make urban people return to nature” and aims to become a comprehensive urban mountain theme leisure resort integrating ecotourism, recreation and leisure, country vacation, and outdoor sports. The scenic spot reflects the harmonious coexistence between man and nature.
Dameisha Beach Park boasts the longest beach in Shenzhen, with clear waters, vast beaches and soft sand. Golden beaches, light white clouds, green hills, bursts of coconut wind, with easy music, little white sails, and a variety of kites, constitute a three-dimensional dynamic subtropical beachfront scenery. Dameisha Casino has facilities such as beach horses, water speed boats, and large-scale musical lighting fountains, which provide visitors with a full range of entertainment experience.
The Xiaomeisha scenic spot adjacent to it is known as “Oriental Hawaii”. It is surrounded by green hills on three sides, and the sea is blue. A crescent moon-like sandy beach is embedded between the blue sky and the blue waves. Elegant environment, fresh air, compared with Dameisha, Xiushan Meishui has added a lot of spirit to Xiaomeisha. Generous nature has transformed her into an ideal seaside tourist resort for urbanites.
After thirty years of rapid development, Shenzhen has become an international city with considerable influence. Its rise has created a "Shenzhen speed" that attracts worldwide attention. Walking in the first district of the motherland with the car rental company in China, it seems as if you can vaguely hear greetings from across the ocean.

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