The truth about some solar cells you might not know

According to, solar cells, also known as "solar chips" or "photocells", are optoelectronic semiconductor wafers that use solar light to generate electricity directly. They can output voltage and current in an instant as long as they are illuminated. Photovoltaic (photovoltaic, photovoltaics, abbreviated as PV), referred to as photovoltaic.

The sun shines on the semiconductor pn junction, forming a new hole-electron pair. Under the action of the pn junction electric field, the photogenerated holes flow to the p region, and the photogenerated electrons flow to the n region. After the circuit is turned on, a current is formed. This is how the photovoltaic effect solar cell works.

The solar cell is mainly based on semiconductor materials. Its working principle is to use photoelectric materials to absorb photoelectric energy and then undergo photoelectric conversion reaction. According to the materials used, solar cells can be divided into: 1. Silicon solar cells; 2. Inorganic salts Such as gallium arsenide III-V compound, cadmium sulfide, copper indium selenium and other multi-component compounds as materials; 3, functional polymer materials prepared by solar cells; 4, nanocrystalline solar cells, etc.

The application of solar cells has entered the industrial, commercial, agricultural, communications, household appliances and utilities sectors from the military and aerospace sectors. In particular, it can be used in remote areas, mountains, deserts, islands and rural areas to save costs. Transmission line. But at this stage, its cost is still very high. It takes tens of thousands of dollars to send 1kW of electricity, so large-scale use is still subject to economic constraints.

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