The opinions of various dealers on the single product strategy of the LED industry

Recently, some people in the industry pointed out that in the LED era, if you want to get the market cake, you need to do a good job in a certain product segment. Then, what kind of attitude does the LED lighting distributors around the world hold on the single product? Are they willing to specialize in a single item and develop the market? Let us reveal them one by one.
The single product is the king to help the channel construction of the general manager of Henan Dayun Optoelectronics, Xiang Xiangbao LED era, the strategy of single product is king to help quickly develop the channel. A market-competitive item is like a sharp knife that can be quickly cut into the market and accepted by dealers. In my opinion, the biggest advantage of the single product champion is to make the brand synonymous with a certain product category. It is easy for the dealer or the end user to think of the brand when referring to a certain product, which helps the brand to be fast. growing up.
When choosing an agent brand, I prefer the brand of single product to the king. The main reason is that a brand needs to be promoted when a brand just enters the market. At present, the market competition is very fierce, and the brand can only win the market if it breaks through in the single product field.
There are many successful cases in the Henan market, such as the bulbs of Foshan Lighting, the ceiling lights of Yiguang LED Lighting, the T8 brackets of Mulinsen, and the flat-panel lights of the so-called flats. These brands have broken through from the single product field and realized the rapid laying of channels. A large share of market share has achieved good results.
Single product breakthrough has a practical role. The general manager of Guangxi NVC Operations Center Xiao Kun is an important method to do the market. It has a practical effect on manufacturers or dealers, but it is not easy to make the single product to the extreme. NVC Lighting has focused on commercial lighting and has now become a lighting solution operator. The lighting solution is a system product portfolio that not only requires a single product to be competitive, but also needs to combine products to form an advantage.
Single product competition is a stage and a way to compete for markets and channels. There are many kinds of lighting products, which involve many fields. For home lighting, several types of products are needed to meet the lighting needs of a home. In the future, consumers still rely on brand products, in addition to quality assurance, but also have quality services. At this stage, consumers' understanding of information is very comprehensive, and in the future, they will increasingly choose to choose certain brands.
LED brand needs the main product. Hohhot Mulinsen agent Yan Yaoguang must have its own superior products in the early stage of enterprise development, especially the enterprises to be branded. Enterprise development must have a fist product in a certain series, and agents also need to find their own single product champion products.
At present, in the market, Mulinsen's LED tube has obvious advantages in cost performance; and Benhao Lighting, which focuses on track lights, can be regarded as a brand in the field of LED track lights. Nowadays, there are many brands in the market, although the product categories are relatively complete, but their superior products are more likely to form a reputation in the market, such as Shifu's LED Magnolia bubble, Mulinsen LED tube, etc. The effect plays a positive role in the promotion of brand communication.
Single product is the sharp knife for the development of the market. Huhhot Changfang lighting agent Li Jianhua LED single product plays an important role in the initial stage of the enterprise development market, driving the sales of the whole series of products with single products. Single product strategy As early as the traditional lighting period, there are many successful examples, such as Op's ceiling lamps, NVC's downlights, etc., they are first through the single product market advantage, from the single product brand to the full range of product brands. At present, LED companies also have such a strategy.
The reason why Changfang Lighting can be recognized by customers in the terminal channel in a short time is because they have the strong single item of LED tube, and they can locate their own market segments by taking advantage of single product products to drive the sales of other series products. As a channel agent, we also hope that there will be advantages in products that can quickly open channels, and become a sharp knife in the icebreaking market.
The single product is the general manager of the phased Guiyang TCL lighting. The solution is in the LED lighting industry. The single product is king in stages. At this stage, as a replacement period for light sources, the performance of LED light source products should be more prominent. Once the market matures, LED integrated lamps as replacement products will catch up.
At present, various brands and products of the LED lighting industry are competing for each other, but the LED products with bulbs, spotlights, lamps, and ribbons are really large in terms of sales volume. The products are one or more of them, such as the wood tube, the snowball bulb, the Auman lamp belt and so on. Many companies seem to have a rich product line, and in fact they also have their main products. Taking a single product as a breakthrough, we can concentrate our superior resources and quickly establish competitiveness in a certain field.
However, after a single product brand has a single product type, once the market demand has passed this stage, there will be a large risk, so it is best to gradually enrich the product line as the market matures.
Adapting to market demand is most important. Ma Yuanzhen, general manager of Chengdu Sunshine Lighting In the era of traditional lighting, Opu has a place in the market with the advantage of single-piece ceiling lamps. In the field of LED lighting, the market concentration is low, there is no LED lighting brand in the true sense, the market structure is undecided, and the promotion of national policies. The competition in the entire industry has become more and more intense. Surviving in such fierce market competition, integrating its own advantages and limited resources, and launching unique products, this survival strategy is not bad.
The main advantage of the single product brand is that the single field occupies technology research and development, product technology and quality advantages. The disadvantage is that there is limited room for customers to choose. The product is not suitable for market demand and determines whether it can stand in the market segment.
Whether the merchant chooses a single product brand to act as an agent is mainly determined by the positioning of the enterprise and the current end user consumer demand.
Single product champion can drive performance improvement Zhu Dan, Huayi Lighting Agent, Yinan County, Baicheng City, Jilin Province In my opinion, enterprises should focus on a certain type of products, try to break through, seize a certain market share, and pass this single product. The champion drives other products to sell.
In the process of promotion, the single product champion has the advantage of improving brand awareness and appropriately driving the sales of other products; the disadvantage is that the company pays too much attention to the single product champion and neglects the investment in other products.
I prefer a brand with a full range of products. After all, I can provide consumers with more products in the sales process, and thus increase the order amount. In combination with our own actual situation, if we choose the brand of a single product to act as an agent, the first thing to consider is the cost performance and brand awareness of the product.
Single product brand is difficult to meet the market Hefei New Central Plains Lighting Wholesale Center General Manager Tan Zengzhi At present, the promotion of LED lighting single product brand is more difficult than traditional lighting single product brand promotion. Due to the fierce competition in the market, a series of diversified products have appeared in the late stage of traditional lighting. Many manufacturers have to embark on a diversified development path, which is the law of market development. In the era of LED lighting, single-product brands are difficult to meet market demand, and they are not recognized by dealers, let alone the competitiveness of the market.
Upstream manufacturers do not promote the promotion of single products, and downstream merchants also have difficulties in the promotion of single products. Because the single product variety is single, the function is small, and the shape is the same, it is difficult to provide a three-dimensional display surface for consumers to choose.
As far as I know, dealers generally choose brands with complete products, because these brands have great advantages in retail, wholesale and engineering, especially wholesale and engineering channels.
The single product strategy has a staged Nanchang Zhengda Lighting General Manager Zhao Yong In my opinion, the single product is Wang Ke as a process in the development of the company, NVC, Op, Sanxiong. Brands such as Aurora have experienced it. As the single product is refined and strong, the company needs more products to support it if it grows stronger. A good brand company usually has a diversified product line, and partner loyalty, high consumer awareness, and market competitiveness.
If a single product brand only has an advantage between peer companies and the end consumers do not understand it, it is difficult to establish brand awareness, and the sustainability is very weak. There are many enterprises of a single variety in Guzhen, and a good product may last for 5-6 years. It is difficult to sustain development without keeping up with the times. Small investment and low threshold are the advantages of single-product enterprises. Dealers think that you will follow you when you have an advantage. With the changes in the product market, dealers are easy to leave you, lack of viscosity and lack of loyalty.
High cost performance is the biggest advantage of single product. Ma Liangyun, manager of Wuhan Baima Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., under the fierce competition in the LED market, can be understood as the winner of the single product. Enterprises gain certain brand effects and reputation in the market through competition and precipitation.
The advantages of single product promotion are: First, the brand effect can be quickly established in the market; Second, under the same quality, killing the same product at a price, quickly occupying the market share, becoming the first choice for market agents or goods transfer; Product design, technology and materials are more convincing.
The biggest disadvantage is that the product is single and cannot meet the different needs of consumers. For retailers, it is generally preferred to have a brand with high cost performance and complete products. For merchants who do channels and wholesale, they are more inclined to single products because of the price and quality advantages.
The enterprising party is Wang Dao, the general manager of Sanjiang Lighting in Guangzhou, and the LED lighting era. The strategy of single product is still used by many companies. The essence of a single product is to use a certain product to achieve competitive breakthrough, in order to maximize the brand value, thereby affecting the brand's popularity in the market and product sales.
The competitiveness and differentiation of the single product champion is very prominent, just like a sharp edge, can quickly open the market, because the single product champion has a strong recognition and cost performance. The disadvantage of promotion is often that it is difficult for a single product champion to form an effective combination punch, which will cause partial faults for subsequent product advancement, which cannot be ignored.
For the selection of single-brand brands, I will consider the following two points: 1. The application range of the single product, the single item of the household category or the engineering item; 2. The vitality of the single product, because there will be better products constantly Emerge.
The advantage of the superior single product is obvious. The general manager of Taiyuan Fangke Lighting, Yue Kaixin single product champion is a promotion method, and also a marketing strategy. The strong explosive power of the single product spurs the market and occupies a strong market position, thus making the single product brand flow. effect. The single product champion has a very obvious role in the promotion process. However, due to the limitations of the product, the sharp knife effect is relatively small, and the anti-risk ability to face sudden changes in the market is weak.
Brands that make products diversified and brands that make single products are not the best choice for dealers. The single product is not enough to support the one-stop consumer demand within the brand, and the product diversified brand does not highlight the product, it is difficult to travel at high speed. Enterprises with uniform scale, clear hierarchy and outstanding focus are the first choice of dealers.
Single product opening is good for big brands. Chen Yiyi, general manager of Xiamen Innovation Light, in the current situation of serious overcapacity in the LED industry, many companies choose to concentrate resources in a certain product field to do specialization, to penetrate, occupy channels, and take the amount Living space, this is the single product is king. In the cruel market competition, LED lighting companies in the case of lack of funds, brands, technology, resources, single product is the king is a relatively helpless and effective operation.
With the single product champion assault circulation channels, it is easy for the merchants to increase sales, and can play a positive role in the brand construction, but in the course of operation, it is easy to cause a fierce price war. If the single product champion does not drive the development of other products in the short term, it will also affect the stability of the company. The single product is more than just the operating methods used by emerging LED companies in combination with their own resources and market environment.
Single product brand is still not mature Xi'an Hongda lighting manager Chen Yan With the continuous innovation of LED lighting production technology, many manufacturers have their own advantages of LED lighting products, but it is more difficult to use other products to guide other products to sell well in the market. .
At present, LED lighting single product brands are not highly accepted in the terminal market, and dealers usually choose products of all types of LED lighting brands for agency. Single product strategy only applies to low-end product groups

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