Swing Gates: Lifting Columns for Management of Channels and Perimeters

With the increasing requirements for the protection of regional safety in the People's Bank, in recent years, lifting columns have become a popular solution. Especially in Europe and the United States, when you walk on the street and swing the gate, you can see the simple swing gates and beautiful lifting columns everywhere. Some swing gates protect pedestrians, some control traffic, and they use their own diversity for the safety of city passages. The function. In China, lifting columns are not common, even in developed and prosperous metropolises.
The formation of the lifting columns was originally based on British artillery gates and cannons seized from the Napoleonic War. After these artillery were banned by the British government, the local authorities unceremoniously turned the cannons into street decorations and put cannon barrels. Buried on the ground, the swing brake shell is placed on the top of the barrel. This styling completes the design of the lifting column.
With the development of society, the scientific and technological content of lifting columns has been continuously increasing, and the collision avoidance level is getting higher and higher. Its application is also being further expanded and extended, from the gates that people use to protect their own courtyards, to vehicle theft, and to the pendulum. Gates to urban traffic management, and security protection for swing gates in sensitive areas such as government buildings, military bases, airport stations, banks, and schools. Lifting columns evolved from a simple functional purpose, swing gates into security products that are applicable to all areas of society today, especially urban corridors and perimeter management that are closely related to people's lives.
The management of the urban passageway and the perimeter still lacks hidden troubles and shortcomings
Even in China's first-tier cities, such as the northern part of the city, the city’s management of the passages and perimeters is still quite different from that of developed countries. From the perspective of being people-oriented, safe and convenient, the author thinks that there are still many places that need improvement, and these improvements do not necessarily have to pay high fees.
Take the children's swing gate park near the author's home as an example. The pedestrian passage and the motor vehicle driveway at the entrance are separated from each other by railings. The cars that send the children to the park are parked on the motor vehicle lanes and are queued up. Because it is isolated by railings, parents took their children off and walked on the motorized driveway, walked around the railings and walked to the gate, and there were various types of vehicles running across the gate. It was a real danger. In fact, such a dangerous change in the hazardous environment can solve this problem. The use of fixed columns instead of oscillating gate rails not only enables the diversion of people and cars, but also allows parents to bring their children to the gate directly to the sidewalk.
Lifting column assists city perimeter management to exert "efficacy"
The use of railings to isolate areas with no gates is a common phenomenon, but isolation barriers can be used where people and cars are completely isolated, such as in the middle of the street, but at airports, railway stations, schools, etc. In dense places, it is obviously not suitable to separate gates from gates, because it cannot solve the problem of rapidly dispersing large numbers of people. This will take into account the safety of separation between people and vehicles. According to different needs, install different products for separation of people and vehicles. The vertical swing gate has become an ideal way to quickly divert the most HAO solution to the pendulum arbitrators. Special pendulum gates are located in airports, train stations, stadiums, schools and other places where people are concentrated, or they need to pull luggage, or to support Old with young. The same column will not create obstacles to the passage of their people. It is both convenient and safe.
In many places, in addition to using railings, the swing gate will also use marble as a round stone pier to stop vehicles from entering the pedestrian area. It does not know how people would move these stones if there were emergencies. How could the rescue vehicles enter? If the stone swing gate is knocked out by the car and the damage is terrible, it is also very dangerous. The use of a lifting column to swing the gate instead of a round stone pier solves these problems. The details of urban passage management need to be carefully considered.

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