Suspected of 4S shop maintenance expensive? Because you changed so unnecessary

Everyone knows that it is expensive to go to 4S, but many people still choose to go to 4S for maintenance. The reason is to worry that 4S stores will shirk their responsibility in terms of quality assurance. In fact, as long as the necessary maintenance in the 4S shop, that is, each time the small maintenance only in the 4S shop to replace the oil and machine filter, on the one hand during each maintenance allows technicians to check the status of various parts, on the other hand also guarantees the warranty The problem, but also left a more complete maintenance record. For other items, you can do it yourself or choose to replace it outside. For example, the following items:

Air filter For general urban vehicles, it is advisable to replace the air filter every 1 year or every 20,000 kilometers. If the vehicle is always driven on the construction site or in dust-infested areas, it must be replaced within three months or 5,000 kilometers.

Air-conditioning filter in the PM2.5 filled with our lives today, we must regularly replace the air conditioning filter. The air-conditioning filter is recommended to be replaced at least once a year, and conditions may even be changed every six months.

Some models of gasoline filter cartridges are recommended for replacement because of difficulty in dismantling at least every 80,000 kilometers (more expensive). Some models are very simple to dismantle and even need to be replaced every 5000 kilometers. Therefore, it is advisable to replace it according to the official maintenance schedule of the vehicle.

Antifreeze Many vehicles are equipped with long-lasting antifreeze at the factory, and they can be used for more than 10 years and more than 100,000 kilometers. Under normal circumstances, when there is no sediment or floe in the antifreeze, you do not need to replace it.

Brake Fluids Brake fluids are usually recommended by automobile manufacturers for replacement in 2 years or 40,000 kilometers. Of course, they can be extended to 3 years or 60,000 kilometers. For general models, choose DOT4 brake fluid.

Spark plugs are not the more expensive spark plugs. The gaps and heating values ​​of the spark plugs need to be matched with the engine. Mismatches can easily affect the ignition performance of the spark plugs. Under normal circumstances, follow the manufacturer's recommended replacement cycle.

Wiper Blades In general, the lifespan of a wiper is about 1 year. After a summer of exposure and a cold winter, the rubber strip will be aged, fragile, and even broken off. When using a wiper, there will be water left on the glass, there are many lines that affect the line of sight, and the windshield wipers have serious jitter and abnormal noise on the windshield. In the above situation, it is recommended to replace the wiper as soon as possible.

Brake pad does not have a fixed replacement cycle. It is also very simple to judge whether the brake pads need to be replaced. If the thickness of the brake pads is less than 5mm, the naked eye must be replaced (the limit thickness is 1.6mm).

The battery life of a typical battery is usually around 2-3 years, but it can be maintained for a longer period if properly maintained. If you feel that it is going too hard, you should pay attention to whether the battery should be changed. And the old battery can be discounted, remember to negotiate with the business before the replacement price.

Master reminded: For some major maintenance, such as the replacement of transmission oil, transfer oil, rear differential oil, etc. in the warranty period is best to return to the 4S shop to replace! And when doing maintenance, be sure to choose a large, reputable repair shop. Don't be on the roadside!

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