Sunlight lighting conforms to the development trend of the industry and “preempts” intelligent lighting

From the perspective of the lighting industry chain, LED lighting has entered the stage of practical application, and LED technology innovation should exert its characteristics more. With the development of the Internet, intelligent lighting that combines LED and technology will be the future direction of development. The concept of smart home originated very early, but it was not until 1984 that actual architectural cases appeared. It really became popular in China, and it was the scene of the past two years. Compared with traditional lighting, users no longer need to touch the switch, just press the remote control lightly, the home lighting can be automatically switched to achieve safety, energy saving, comfort and high efficiency, so smart home is the future development of the home field. The inevitable trend. In 2014, Sunshine Lighting conformed to the development trend of the industry and launched LED high-end intelligent stepless dimming color lamp. The stepless dimming color lamp can sense the light intensity of the indoor environment, and automatically adjust the intensity of the light according to this data to give the eyes And the most comfortable lighting experience of the body and mind, in order to achieve the effect of protecting the eyes, but also to achieve energy savings, the maximum use of energy. Users can open smart life with Ai Xiaozhi APP, and the ultra-imaginative experience will bring smart home into the era of the Internet of Things. The benefits of technology are finally presented in this high-end smart LED ceiling light with sunlight. Compared to the smart items on the market, Sunlight's smart lights are part of the smart home system. Ali Xiaozhi controls the whole home through the system, realizes an APP to control all the devices, and interconnects to drive the electrical appliances to intelligently adjust the living environment. It also realized the agreement with Alibaba Group to build a LED e-commerce ecosystem from the side. Sunlight has won the love of countless consumers in China for its excellent quality over the years. This time, the smart home has achieved the beginning of smart home through the stepless dimming and coloring smart light. The development and improvement of smart home will be an important part of Sunshine Lighting's future development strategy. Therefore, in 2015, Sunshine Lighting will continue to launch a series of intelligent lighting, and continue to promote the development of intelligent lighting from an industry perspective. Among them, the smart table lamp adds a lot of cross-border functions while continuing the fashion appearance, which will enhance the fun of life while satisfying the basic lighting. A naming method will also be adopted to enhance the consumer experience while bringing the distance to the consumer closer.

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