Study on Cold Resistance of Table Grape Varieties with Intelligent Light Incubator

Grapes are an important fruit tree species in the world and occupy an important position in production. China's grape production and cultivation area ranks fifth in the world. Hebei Province is the main producing area for grapes. It has a long history of cultivation. It has an area of ​​more than 50,000 hectares of grapes and a production of nearly one million tons. The area and output ranks second in the country. Due to its succulent, nutritious, and good health care functions, table grapes are popular among consumers. The development of fresh grape production has become a new type of agricultural industry, and the economic benefits are very significant. At present, China's grape bases are mostly concentrated in the winter cold winter. In recent years, grapes often suffer from different degrees of low-temperature damage, and losses are serious. There have been many reports on the identification methods of cold resistance of grapes and the study of cold resistance. In this study, four varieties of table grapes were used as test materials, and their 1a branches were subjected to different low-temperature freezing treatments. Their electrical conductivities were measured and the shoots were observed for restoring growth, aiming at the cold-resistant germplasm of table grapes. Screening and cold-resistant cultivation provide scientific basis. Intelligent light incubator is an important instrument for research.

Instrument: conductivity meter, electric suction device, horizontal low-temperature freezer, intelligent light incubator (25 °C, 80% of the illumination), one-tenth electronic balance, electric blast drying oven and so on.

Through the participation of intelligent light incubator, it was found that under hypothermia stress, the semipermeable membrane of the cell is affected by the extravasation of the injured intracellular electrolyte, and the degree of cell damage varies with different plants, so the electrolyte leakage is not the same, so the electrolyte Exudation rate can be used to reflect the degree of tissue damage and plant cell resistance, the relative conductivity before and after low-temperature injury commonly used to represent the permeability of the electrolyte membrane. The varieties with strong cold resistance had low electrical conductivity, but the varieties with weak cold resistance had high electrical conductivity, and the cold resistance was stronger, the smaller the change of permeability, and the cold resistance, the weaker one.

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