South Korea's Kalian ZJ-2001A alcohol tester latest offer

South Korea's Karian ZJ-2001A alcohol tester quoted in Jiangsu region 1000-1990 yuan; Shanghai offer 1000-2265 yuan; Beijing offer 1400-2410 yuan; Shandong offer 1219-2120 yuan; Guangdong offer 1010-2200 yuan; Zhejiang The area offers 1000-1800 yuan.

Product Name Model Brand Area Price Alcohol Tester ZJ-2001A Korea Kalian Jiangsu 1000-1990 Shanghai 1000-2265 Beijing 1400-2410 Shandong 1219-2120 Guangdong 1010-2200 Zhejiang 1000-1800
The main technical parameters:

Sensor: Highly selective semiconductor oxidation sensor;

Test range: 0.10mg/ml to 4.00mg/ml;

Reaction time: 3 seconds;

Warm-up time: 15 seconds;

Battery: 9V alkaline battery in addition to reserve 12V DC car power supply;

Specification weight: 135 x 65 x 27 mm, 200 grams;

Shell: shockproof, cast hard plastic;

Manuel boom placer construction is simple, usually, we have 12meter, 13meter, 15meter, 18meter, Rotate Mode is  360°, pipeline dia is usually 133mm. thickness is 4.5mm, also have other thickness and outer diameter as customer requirement. The weight is usually 1000kgs-1500kgs, now is exported to Singarpore, malaysia, Pakistan, and other asian countries , easy operation, reliable safety and economical purchase .

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