Single magnetite ore dressing method

Single magnetic iron ore, mainly magnetite metamorphic deposition. Most of the iron minerals in the ore are magnetite, mainly composed of fine-grained inlays; the gangue minerals are mainly silicate minerals such as quartz or amphibole. Some have more iron silicates. The ore dressing production history is the longest. Due to the simple ore composition, weak magnetic separation is often used.

For large and medium-sized magnetic separation plants, when the grinding particle size is larger than 0.2 mm, a grinding magnetic separation is often used; when less than 0.2 mm, two-stage grinding magnetic separation is used. If coarse tailing can separate qualified tailings, phase grinding magnetic separation is used. In the water-deficient areas, dry-type grinding dry magnetic separation is used, and the magnetite-rich ore or lean magnetite is depleted. The gangue is generally removed by dry magnetic separation. The former obtains massive ore-rich ore; Choose to obtain concentrate.

In order to obtain high-grade concentrates, magnetite concentrates can be treated by reverse flotation or shock sieves. In order to improve the recovery rate, it can be further recycled by considering processes such as tailings re-election.

At present, there is no reasonable utilization route for iron silicate. Therefore, iron silicate in ore does not emphasize recycling in ore dressing. Although iron ore can be recovered by the beneficiation method, since the iron grade in the iron-containing silicate mineral is low, the total concentrate grade will be greatly reduced, which is economically unreasonable. Generally speaking, when the charge contains a certain amount of iron silicate, it does not affect the large and medium-sized blast furnace, and the iron in the iron silicate is not lost from the slag; but in the small blast furnace, due to the iron silicate during the smelting process. It is an endothermic reaction with a low melting point. If a certain amount of iron silicate is contained in the charge, the furnace temperature is lowered to make the furnace condition not smooth, and the slag is run.

Ground finishing machine is also known as cement finishing machine, its main structure is a gasoline engine driven spatula rotor, in the middle of the cross bottom of the rotor equipped with 10 spatula.
Spatula tilt direction and rotor rotation direction is the same, driven by gasoline engine triangular belt spatula rotor rotation.
When operating, fire first, hold the control handle, two push forward together is to move forward, pull back together is to move back.
It can do 100 ~ 300m2 per hour on average, which can improve working efficiency more than 30 times compared with manual polishing.

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