Schaeffler Group Automotive Aftermarket Division creates a full range of brand services

Automechanika Shanghai 2008 and Shanghai International Auto Parts, Maintenance Testing and Diagnostic Equipment and Service Products Exhibition held in Shanghai. The Schaeffler Group Automotive Aftermarket Division showcases LUK, INA and FAG branded products at the booth C02 in Hall 1 of the West. Innovative value service concept.

In the 91-square-meter booth, Schaeffler Group exhibited original-quality products in various types of transmission systems, engines and chassis systems, including LUK brand clutch kits and doubles for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Quality flywheels, INA brand tensioners and their packaged products, as well as FAG brand wheel bearings and seals and other innovative products represented. In this exhibition, Schaeffler will also launch a series of celebrity products for commercial vehicles to enhance the competitiveness of its products in the commercial vehicle sector. In the exhibition area, Schaeffler will also hold regular product installation demonstrations for maintenance company personnel, to show the audience the maintenance service concept that Schaeffler respects, and to gradually improve the overall service quality of the automotive maintenance industry.

LUK, INA and FAG's new product catalog debut

Schaeffler announced the latest edition of the LUK, INA and FAG branded passenger cars and commercial vehicles in the latest Chinese language catalogue during the Automechanika Shanghai exhibition. The Schaeffler 2009/2010 version catalog that was unveiled contained all the parts and components information for the Chinese market models. In particular, the parts that are applicable to some of the latest models, such as Roewe 750 and Magotan, were described in detail and matched. Give readers a vivid product introduction with rich product pictures. The LUK commercial vehicle clutch catalogue and the FAG commercial wheel hub bearing catalogue are Schaeffler's first public release in the Chinese market.

This Schaeffler-launched Chinese version catalog is an after-sale product catalog that is currently being developed in China's automotive aftermarket for a limited number of products that are fully targeted at Chinese models. All product catalogs will be updated and published once every two years to ensure that customers receive the most timely product information. As an important part of Schaeffler's 'Services' concept, these catalogues will serve as the most effective and timely marketing tools to help auto parts dealers master the most cutting-edge and complete product information.

Constantly expanding product line

The product categories of Schaeffler's three brands have been rapidly expanded in 2008.

Expansion of the LUK brand product line: The Schaeffler Group's Automotive Aftermarket Division has recently introduced LUK's new product in the Chinese market, the hydrodynamic torque converter, at this exhibition. This product is mainly used in automatic gearboxes, which help to achieve transmission of power between transmission components at various operating speed levels. The wide application of automatic transmissions is an inevitable trend in the global automotive industry, and the promotion of LUK torque converters accurately meets the demand for this trend in the automotive aftermarket. In addition, LUK clutch hydraulic separation system products have also been applied to Chery A5, Ford Focus 1.8 and Ford Fiesta 1.6 models.

At the exhibition, Schaeffler displayed LUK clutch kits, LUK power steering pumps, LUK release bearings, and LUK hydraulic torque converters.

The INA brand supplies engine and transmission components for more passenger and commercial vehicles. The INA brand has made encouraging progress in research and development of variable camshaft timing system components that can adjust intake and exhaust timing, reduce emissions and fuel consumption, and increase power and torque. In addition, input shaft bearings, clutch bearings/thrust bearings, and differential/floating bearings for transmissions have also been widely used in models such as Passat and Audi.

Schaeffler presented at the show a variety of INA brand products including valve train components, over-generator pulleys, timing system components and belt system devices.

The application of FAG commercial vehicle products has also made considerable progress in 2008. At the Automechanika Parts Fair in Frankfurt in September this year, FAG launched a wheel bearing kit for the aftermarket, the repair insert unit "RepairInsertUnit". This product is pre-assembled and lubricated, which makes product replacement easier. This maintenance push unit is suitable for more than 20 kinds of wheels for Volvo models, covering a total of more than 700 kinds of Volvo models. This type of product can also be applied to other models such as MAN and SAF axles.

Schaeffler exhibited FAG passenger vehicle first-, second-, and third-generation wheel bearing products, as well as FAG commercial wheel hub bearings.


Schaeffler Group Automotive Aftermarket Division in China

As early as 1994, the Schaeffler Group Automotive Aftermarket Division entered the Chinese market to develop its after-sales business. In 2007, the establishment of Schaeffler Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. marked the Group's position in China, one of the fastest-growing emerging markets in the global automotive business. While increasing investment, it also aspired to become the China Automotive Aftermarket Division in China. The number of authorized dealers has reached 33, including 26 passenger car dealerships and 7 commercial vehicle dealerships, covering 29 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the central government.

World Headquarters Located in Herzogenaurach, Germany, the Schaeffler Group is a multinational group of multinational companies involved in the automotive, industrial and aerospace industries. Its three major brands, LuK, INA and FAG, also represent superior quality products, strong innovation capabilities and customer-oriented concepts. The Group has a unique know-how in the manufacture of precision products in the entire transmission system for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The products it manufactures cover the engine and its intermediate components, transmissions and chassis systems. In 2007, Schaeffler Group achieved a turnover of 8.9 billion Euros through the joint efforts of nearly 66,000 employees in 50 countries, more than 180 factories and branches in 50 countries around the world.

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