Sales of special oil for shell and shellfish further hit the market with nearly three times growth

A few days ago, the good news came from the National Shell- Special Oil Products Dealers Conference. In 2015, the "Shell and Shell" gear lubricants broke through the trend, and the sales reached a record high, achieving an outstanding result of nearly three times the growth of the year-on-year period in 2014.

Shell oil sales for further success
Shell oil sales for further success

Why did you achieve such a result? “Planting market segments and innovating service concepts” is a magic weapon for winning the market. In 2015, Fast Sales Corporation meticulously combed its existing sales network, organized joint-site offices and general agents to conduct joint visits, conducted in-depth investigations, and organized 7 “shell and shell” special oil promotion conferences across the country as a service station for each jurisdiction. , distributors and major customers have established a more complete and efficient sales service system; and successfully launched the “oil product service replacement system”, and implemented the issuance of replacement oil products to service stations on a regular basis. Scientifically planning the market and enriching the types of oil products, Fast has also successively completed the marketing and promotion of 15-L packaging and long-lasting enhanced “shell method I” and automatic transmission oil products of “shell” II ATF, continuously creating oil. New economic growth point in the goods market.

The conference also includes Ningxia Manchow, Shaanxi Kaifan, Sichuan Intercontinental, Shenyang Kyushu Weiye, Jinan Rena Platinum, Tangshan Shunhang, Wushi Xintong Liyuan, Kunming Ousen Kaide, Zhengzhou Shan State, and Xiamen Steyr Hongyan. Excellent dealers have awarded and rewarded.

“Using shell-special oil not only prolongs vehicle maintenance and maintenance cycle, but also saves on driving costs to the greatest extent, and vehicle shifting operation is more clear and comfortable!” representatives from distributors such as Jinan Rena Platinum and Ningxia Manger received If it is user feedback.

Shell oil has obvious advantages in terms of wear resistance, viscosity stability, oxidation resistance and anti-corrosion cleaning ability. Not only the product has a wide range of applications, it can cover most of the working conditions, and its powerful performance advantages can effectively reduce the wear of the transmission, prevent transmission parts from corrosion, delay the oxidation of the oil, and ensure the normal operation of the transmission at low temperatures and high temperatures. It provides long-term protection for adapted Fast transmissions , differentials, independently lubricated power take-offs, and axles.

The R&D personnel of the two parties carried out a large number of joint experiments and repeated verification adjustments for the products. The introduced product standards were higher than the current domestic standards. The product performance matched well with the Fast transmission products, and their anti-wear extrusion and viscosity stability. , Anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion and cleaning capacity, etc. are all ahead of the market in similar products.

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