Ruifeng introduces the principle and function of the vacuum drying box

The principle and function of the vacuum drying oven is specially designed for drying heat-sensitive, easily decomposing and easily oxidizing substances. It can be filled with inert gas. Especially, some complicated components can also be quickly dried, especially for some cleanliness. Drying experiments in laboratories and aerospace units enable the product to dry quickly in a very clean environment.
The vacuum drying oven, as its name implies, is a space that can produce vacuum and high temperature, and it can generate high temperature by electric heating. This is relatively easy to understand. The "vacuum" is, as its name implies, the degree of vacuum. It is an important parameter of vacuum equipment such as vacuum pump, micro vacuum pump, micro air pump, micro air pump, micro air pump, etc. The so-called "vacuum" refers to the state of gas in a given space with a pressure of less than 101,325 Pascals (ie, a standard atmospheric pressure of about 101 KPa).
In the vacuum state, the leanness of the gas is usually expressed by the pressure value of the gas. Obviously, the smaller the pressure value is, the thinner the gas is.
There are usually two ways to identify the degree of vacuum:
First, identify with "absolute pressure" and "absolute vacuum" (that is, how much pressure is higher than "theoretical vacuum");
In actual conditions, the vacuum pump absolute pressure is between 0 and 101.325 KPa. The absolute pressure value is measured with an absolute pressure gauge. At 20°C and altitude = 0, the initial value of the instrument used to measure vacuum (absolute vacuum gauge) is 101.325 KPa (which is a standard atmospheric pressure).
Second, use "relative pressure", "relative vacuum" (that is, how much lower pressure than "atmospheric pressure") to identify.
"Relative vacuum degree" refers to the difference between the measured object's pressure and the atmospheric pressure at the measurement site. Measured with an ordinary vacuum gauge. In the absence of a vacuum (ie, at atmospheric pressure), the initial value of the table is 0. When the vacuum is measured, it is between 0 and -101.325 KPa (usually expressed as a negative number).
The "vacuum" commonly used in the international vacuum industry is also the most scientific use of absolute pressure markings; specifically, it is "extreme vacuum, absolute vacuum, absolute pressure", but "relative vacuum" (relative pressure, vacuum gauge pressure (Negative pressure) It has also been widely used due to its relatively simple method of measurement, its very popular measuring instruments, its easy availability, and its low price.
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