Rolls-Royce will provide propulsion systems for the new Danish ferry

The Danish Mols-Linien ferry company has ordered a new passenger ferry (ship type shipyard) from the Rauma Marine Constructions yard in Finland, the main propeller (purchasing supply) and propulsion control system (purchasing supply) Will be provided by Rolls-Royce.

         It is reported that Rolls-Royce will provide the ship with two adjustable pitch propellers (purchased in the product library), a propeller hub cap, a Promas system with a ball nose rudder and a main edge combined with a fluid power optimization device. As part of the delivery, it also includes a gearbox (purchased from the product library), steering gear, two tunnel thrusters and a control system.

         The newly built passenger ferry for Mols-Linien can carry 600 passengers and the two decks have a total of 1,500 lanes for transporting cars and trailers. The ferry plans to undertake a transportation mission between the Danish mainland and Bornholm Island (also known as the Baltic Sea Sunshine Island), which is scheduled to go into operation in September 2018.

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