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The cover of the reducer optimization may be a pen. The gear reducer popular in the market years ago is still the mainstream product today. Is it the miniaturization of the reducer? Horizontal block electromechanical conversion. All of these have given the reducer more arrogance in the quiet and quiet. The optimized speed reducer performance, the answer is the following. Peng Shaohu is smaller, lighter, quieter and more reliable. Mr. Chen's reducer is actually a very basic transmission component. The difference in performance of the reducer mainly comes from design and manufacture, including structural design. The tooth design also has part processing and assembly processes. The design of the internal drive mechanism of the Lenzer reducer is a non-inductive connection. The gear-to-gear connection from the motor shaft to the gear intermediate shaft is particularly suitable for high dynamic response and servo drive.
For example, the connection between the Lmotion's Gmotion series gearbox and the motor has no connection section, that is, the first gear of the reduction gearbox and electric manufacturing.
Lenze's gearbox products achieve the largest possible speed ratio in technically fewer reduction stages. For example, Lenze uses a two-stage deceleration to achieve a speed ratio of 401. This means increasing the torque while reducing the cost, while improving the transmission accuracy, reducing the transmission hysteresis, reducing the noise. The requirements for material selection are very strict, and it can be said that it is very demanding. Every batch of steel and castings will undergo a strict chemical composition inspection meeting. Mr. Flander Electromechanical Co., Ltd. Repeated tests have effectively reduced the noise reduction of the series of reducers in the speed machine industry to around 55, achieving environmental protection requirements.
FLENDER's products are carefully connected to the machine shaft directly, and the middle coupling is omitted, which not only improves the transmission accuracy, but also reduces the hum of the first-stage high-speed gear. The average hum of Lenze's reducer products is lower than 0 standard 10. The low hum is mainly tested by design and measurement of mechanical performance test and ultrasonic flaw detection. All of them meet or exceed FLENDER standard before they can use FLENDER STDINJfs 150 and 14 standards. Strictly control the heat treatment temperature and time. Through the high-precision gear grinding machine and the unique grinding process, the precision of the cylindrical gear machining is controlled to 1 or 6 or better, and the precision of the bevel gear is controlled at 5 or better. Therefore, the bearing capacity of the transmission part is in the leading position in the industry. For speed machines used in civil facilities such as the elevator industry, the requirements for low-pitched sound are more stringent. In response to this demand direction, FLENDER optimizes the gear tooth profile and rationally distributes the speed ratios of all levels under the premise of ensuring that other performances are not affected. The scientific selection of Runguang, as small as 0. Shen, up to 200 products are widely used in light industry. Building materials mine. Power metallurgical port chemical and environmental protection industry. With the merger of FLENDER and 5ç–‹3, a new chapter in the integration of speed machine and frequency converter will be launched. Mr. Guan Gutongxiong will carry out small and light low-pitched sounds in the speed reducer product series at a reasonable price. This is the user's deceleration case body, based on the pressure-clamping parts, additional fixed shape design, to achieve miniaturization and light child, the use of gear grinding process, the boat turns quieter, after cutting the teeth Processing, solving the heat treatment deformation of the gear. For the small reducer, the introduction of rolling and slightly forging to create a view, powder gold, molding and other processes, to achieve an increase in production efficiency and childish. How to make the motor smaller is the focus of miniaturization. Emerson has been ahead of the general-purpose motor for low-power motors up to 75 years ago with an aluminum casing and has made thermal conductivity. In addition, the realization of the motor casing and the reduction casing body, the application of the aluminum pressing process, progress to achieve the purpose of miniaturization. Most single-phase motors are mechanical start-up switch structures. This component makes the motor longer. The use of electronic switches eliminates the failure of the switch and the sparking problem, and also realizes the miniaturization of the single-phase motor. With regard to the brake device, Gemerson eliminates the contact sound between the components when the brake is released, and the brake device is quieted.
In addition, the hypoid gear reducer replaces some of the uses of the gear reducer and expands rapidly in the market. This is because the hypoid gear reducer is an orthogonal shaft type, but the efficiency is improved and the user is compact. The need to reduce costs.
Mr. Li Jinchang 5 provides advanced transmission technology and a complete product line with the company's station-driven solution. 5 The speed reducer is designed and manufactured according to Germany, taking the standard and 5 according to the factory standard. The heat treatment of the gear is carried out by numerically controlled heat treatment furnace for carburizing and quenching treatment, which effectively ensures the penetration depth and uniformity. The hardness of the tooth surface is 05962. The unique root strength strengthening process is adopted, and the root strength is about 20, which is solved by special equipment. For a long time, it has been difficult to use the hard tooth surface reducer to make the tooth surface hard, and the tooth root is difficult to use. The tooth surface accuracy level is up to 032 standard level 6.
The imported CNC machining center has completed the sub-processing, and Mr. Jingu Tongyu guarantees the processing of Emerson's 3, the length of the speed machine technology department, the structure is compact and reasonable, and has a unique shape façade design, which increases the strength and adds beauty. 8 Your reducer is tested for pressure and air tightness before leaving the factory to ensure that the gear unit is not leaking oil and does not seep after assembly. Mr. Fu Jiangzhi is committed to the research and development of inverter motor body machine.
Its advantages are now the simplest use and system optimization for optimal system adaptation.
NORD has independent research and development capabilities in the field of motor reducer inverters, ensuring the best adaptation of energy in power electronic transmission technology and mechanical transmission systems. The drive reducer body machine has completed the configuration and setting of the drive system at the time of shipment. As far as the user is concerned, it is like using a motor to directly connect the ordinary power. Because of the assembly of the inverter and the motor body, the protection level of the inverter is very high, which can be achieved, 66. In this way, the inverter and the motor can be safely installed. In the harsh environment, the distance of the decoration is longer than 15 and there is no question, because as the machine, the power supply is the industrial frequency industrial power grid, and the cable can be used as a general-purpose inverter because it cannot be installed at the production site. Advantages highlighting requires the use of special shielded cables, which greatly increases the system cost. Secondly, special long-line drive reactors must be installed at the output end of the inverter to make the system integration complex and cost increase.
Because the inverter and the motor body used in the machine are installed, it is required to have the same heat dissipation as the motor. The power range of the inverter is not very large, but the advancement of power electronics makes the machine The power is getting bigger and bigger. For example, NORD's SK300E series and 850 series, the power of the inverter motor body machine can solve the problem of decentralized drive, and also provide convenient body control for centralized control. It can be used as direct control on site, or through each Centralized control of the bus system.
Mr. Feng Jinchang's reducer and inverter body machine provide the possibility of on-site decentralized installation drive control. The on-site distributed control system is quite different from the traditional on-site centralized control system. The centralized control system concentrates all control components in the control cabinet, such as the power system inverter. The decentralized control system distributes the drive control components on site, and the control cabinet contains only the power supply system. The on-site decentralized control system has a simple design of the switchgear. The project design time and start-up time are short. The installation workload is small and there is almost no maintenance and debugging work on site.
3 On-site distributed drive product family includes frequency conversion machine MOVIMOT electronic switch body machine, 8 sense 101 bus module and field bus distributor. Due to its many advantages, it has become the standard configuration of many industries, especially logistics and tobacco vehicles.
Modular and fast response to market demand Mr. Li Jinchang 5, the company's standard products have been specially designed to form a modular system, regardless of the general or special application conditions, can find the ideal solution in the module combination system, to achieve the production with the least parts The most models, modular combination systems, offer the possibility to concentrate on production models for distributed assembly.
3å·³The company produces different series of parts and components in 9 wholly-owned manufacturing centers around the world, effectively ensuring the quality of products and reducing production costs. Each assembly plant carries out a large inventory of children's parts according to its own business conditions to ensure the shortest For motors with delivery specifications, it is also possible to combine connecting parts with different functions. Therefore, this production mode is an ideal mode to ensure fast delivery and reduce manufacturing costs to ensure timely service.
Mr. Du Fu's modular design and production is a very effective means of responding to rapidly changing customer needs, reducing production inventory and logistics costs, and shortening lead times. For example, the general worm gear system developed by Nord is less common. Parts form the form that all customers need. Its basic module, the speed box body input flange inserting output shaft and other matching parts can be easily combined, so that the assembly process is extremely simple, and the fljfflNORDCAD can easily generate the dimensional paper or dimensional model. All modules are pre-filled with oil and are completely enclosed. Customers can choose the speed box and the motor directly connected, or you can choose to connect NEMA or other standard combination of standard motor, such as adding torque arm flange, or even connecting two or more gearboxes. The building blocks are easily and easily completed.
Modular design, 331 not only orders quickly and conveniently, but also the efficiency of after-sales service is greatly improved.
And related spare parts services. In the national company, for emergency situations, the smashing equipment provided within a few hours. Therefore, our use! Do not consider spare parts, because the spare parts that he pleaded for can be found in the inventory of 3, which saves the funds and storage space for purchasing spare parts, effectively reducing the cost.
In addition, the modular combination system provides the most economical and versatile drive solution for the application. For the 5 reducer, the same speed reducer can be used with up to 7 types of power. The benefits of block design to the user are also obvious. Due to the very simple assembly, some of Nord's agents and end users can stock up on their own. 1.1 Quickly assemble the finished gearbox as needed, so it can be handled in the past, which was unimaginable and flying. Mr. Lenze's reducer's output shaft structure design has versatility and mutuality, which is to reduce costs, and the mutual use of 沦茨 also provides users with superior choice in electromechanicalization. For example, we can provide a complete set of products from the electric machine to the reducer plus the mechanical transmission frequency conversion brake.
Chess block is also reflected in the diversity of the output shaft, such as the hollow shaft and the solid shaft.
It is also reflected in the end of the 8 end of the motor can be combined with various accessories, such as brakes. Clutch anti-reverse handwheel.
Fans and other feedback components such as resolvers. Optical encoders can be flexibly configured according to the user's application and control requirements, and are standardized products that do not require special design.
The advantage of Lenze products is that the servo control system is used to compensate the error caused by the elastic deformation of the reducer, so that the output is more precise, and the precision, high efficiency and small error of the reducer are realized.
The maintenance of the cycloid reducer, the structure of the cycloid reducer seems complicated, and the disassembly maintenance is relatively simple. Most of the cooperation between components is a transitional fit, which can be easily removed and installed without special tools. The superiority of this quick release inspection can provide users with valuable production time. In addition, the multi-tooth meshing of the cycloidal product makes it uniquely resistant to impact, usually 500 of its rated load, so there is almost no crash life. The reducer does not need to be used for more than ten years or even longer. Maintenance work. Lubrication is the most important maintenance issue for the gear unit. For grease-lubricated products, it is necessary to apply grease to each component before assembly. In addition to the maintenance-free type, the grease lubrication model needs to be replenished and replaced regularly. For the oil lubrication type cycloid reducer, it is only necessary to observe whether the oil level meets the requirements and replace it within the specified period.
In general, the cycloid and speed machine products are compact, lightweight and easy to maintain. This maintenance-free or easy-to-maintain feature not only saves maintenance costs for the user, but also creates invisible Sumitomo Heavy Machinery for the user. There is a public customer service department in the idle speed machine when you face a wide variety. When products of different shapes are used. Have you ever imagined such a packaging system that it can be fast. Simple. Economically package different volumes. shape. The most important product. Its unique cushioning properties ensure that your product is protected from damage during shipment.
Now your dreams have been achieved by Seaside, Inc., when it comes to the discovery of the field forming packaging system. Easy to operate. The characteristics of sturdy and multi-purpose use are made of foaming packaging. Can significantly improve the efficiency of your packaging operations. Your customers will receive professionally packaged products in good condition. In fact, it has become a common choice for tens of thousands of manufacturing companies inside and outside the product packaging.
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PVC Lubricant

Lubricants are divided into two areas, internal and external lubricants. The transition between external and internal lubricating effect is fluid, however, – internal lubricants often also have a certain external lubrication effect and vice versa. Lubricants having both effects are therefore called [combined lubricants".
Internal lubricants reduce the frictional forces occurring between the PVC molecule chains, thus reducing melt viscosity. They are polar and thus are highly compatible with PVC. They help achieve excellent transparency even at high dosages and do not tend to exudate, which helps optimizing welding, gluing, and printing properties of the final product.
External lubricants reduce the adhesion between PVC and metal surfaces. They are mostly non-polar such as paraffin and polyethylene waxes. The external lubrication effect is largely determined by the length of the hydrocarbon chain, its branching and its functional group. At high dosages they can lead to cloudiness and exudation

Internal Lubricant G60 External Lubricant G74

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