Rapid measurement of fat content in feed by crude fat analyzer

Fat is one of the important quality indicators in feed products and feed ingredients, and it is the main nutrient component of livestock and poultry. The amount of fat content is also an indicator of whether the product quality is acceptable or not. Therefore, the rapid and accurate determination of fat content in feeds has an important role in the identification of the quality of feed products and the rational deployment of feed components. The fat content in feed is generally expressed as crude fat. At present, the determination of crude fat mainly includes Soxhlet extraction, acid hydrolysis, alkali hydrolysis, and residual method. However, Soxhlet extraction method is mainly used for the determination of fat in feeds at home and abroad. This method is a classical crude fat determination method. The measurement result is accurate and reliable, but this method takes a long time to determine. Generally, it takes at least 9 to complete the determination of a sample. This article describes a crude fat analyzer designed using Soxhlet extraction as a principle to quickly and accurately determine the content of crude fat in feed.

According to the fat content of the sample, we accurately weighed the sample 2 - Sg of the 40 mesh screen, put it into the filter paper tube, dried the sample, and put the filter paper tube into the fat analyzer. Add SOmI anhydrous ethyl ether to the sample extraction cup, place it on the hot plate of the crude fat analyzer, press down the connection handle, make the extraction cup sealed connection with the reflux, connect the condensate, put the filter paper tube into the extraction cup through the slide bar In the middle, the power is turned on, and the ether boils in Smin. The sample is subjected to high temperature extraction. After extracting for 1 hour, the slide bar is pulled, the filter paper tube is lifted from the extraction cup, and the remaining fat of the sample is eluted with refluxing condensed ether for 30 minutes. The valve was started to recover the ether, about Smin ether was recovered, the extraction cup was removed, dried at 105°C to constant weight, and the crude fat content was calculated.

The results obtained by measuring three different samples with the crude fat analyzer showed that the precision and accuracy were good. It shows that the result measured by the fat analyzer is accurate and reliable. In addition, the measurement speed with the crude fat meter is fast, the entire measurement process can be completed on the day, the measurement results are obtained, and 6 samples can be measured simultaneously. Compared with the classic method, the efficiency is greatly improved, the operation is simplified, the cost is reduced, the energy is saved, and the need for determination of fat content in daily production and trade transactions can be better satisfied.

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