Plant Protection Information System Promotes Full Informationization of Plant Protection Services

In order to meet the demand of green consumption and serve the development of green agriculture, modern agriculture puts forward higher requirements for plant protection services. The innovation of green plant protection technology and the promotion of comprehensive informationization of plant protection services have become the new situation and new goal of modern plant protection development. The rapid development of the current Internet of Things technology has provided technical support for the advancement of precision forecasting, professional unified defense, full-scale green prevention and control, plant protection information construction, etc., of which the plant protection information system is based on the Internet of things technology. The successful application of this technology has also improved the service level of agricultural plant protection and has achieved remarkable results in promoting the comprehensive informationization of plant protection services.

Plant Protection Information System

In the development of agriculture, while human beings are solving the problem of increased grain production, they have also brought about problems such as the destruction of agricultural contaminated soil and food safety, which has hindered the sustainable development of human beings. To solve the contradiction between grain production and green development, the technological innovation of green plant protection is imminent. Promoting the level of plant protection services is the basic requirement for protecting the ecological environment and the quality and safety of agricultural products. With the aid of digital and informatized technologies such as the plant protection information system, the plant protection service can be fully promoted, and plant protection services are comprehensive, efficient, and accurate. Low-cost reach of farmers, effectively protect the agricultural production, agricultural product quality and agricultural ecological environment security.

The plant protection information system takes information technology as the core and green plant protection as the goal to realize the application of technology. Based on these intelligent plant protection systems, pest monitoring has been realized intelligently, and disease monitoring has been realized intelligently, not only at the grassroots level. The plant incubator has a lot of ease, and has greatly improved the transmission speed of the forecasting data, the coverage and utilization rate of the pest information, and the monitoring, warning and service capabilities have been significantly enhanced, which has promoted the scientific control of crop pests and diseases, and promoted the plant protection informationization. The development of construction to a higher level has taken an important step in promoting China's food security and ecological security.


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