Net exposed Hunan law enforcement vehicle downtown dog party was suspended for a month

Network exposed Hunan law enforcement vehicle downtown dog walkers were stopped for a month diesel generator | diesel generators price / 2012-12-20

In the lane of Lengshuijiang City in Hunan Province, the scene of a bus driving a dog during daytime is in the “executive business” or “training dog racing marathon”? In recent days, a public bus urban dog walk exposed on the “Hunan Anti-Corruption Outlook Music Land” Red Net Forum attracted many netizens. After the verification of the situation, the “dark driver” paid the price for his own behavior. “A month's suspension of the job, a fine of 500 yuan, an open review and an overall public criticism”.
The downtown lane is now a dog bus
In the photo, a black dog is walking down the motorized vehicle lane, and the "master" holding it is a road law enforcement vehicle with the license plate number "Xiang K5008A." The bus that walks with dogs in this downtown area is also referred to by netizens as "the love bus in history."
The poster, "Hunan Anti-Corruption Outlook Land," stated that the photo was not taken by him but was provided to him by others. "In our Lengshuijiang River, everyone knows that I specifically photograph private buses, and my phone and email albums are public. Someone gave me this photo on December 18 and said that it was on November 25 after passing the Lengjiang Bridge. It was photographed."
Why is the "Hunan Anti-Corruption Outlook Land" really sacred? In fact, in the Lengshuijiang local forum, this civil anti-corruption fighter has long been known. He not only spends nearly 10 hours a day photographing and evidence of Lengshuijiang City bus private use, but he also posts a clue on the Internet to collect private use of the bus. He promises to “provide a clue to a clue provider for a package of cigarettes.” He is also known by netizens. "China's civil anti-corruption first person."
"I was going to give him a pack of cigarettes at the time, but he refused to do so. He hoped that I would publish it on the Internet and discuss it." "Hunan Anti-Corruption Outlook Land," said.
The bus shoked as a result of a war of words
The map of “Hunan Anti-corruption Outlook” gave the bus of Lengshuijiang City a fire and the netizens were angry.
"Strongly defying", "It should be condemned." Netizens "night and day" and Maoxl123 have expressed that netizens "Shaolin" is even more straightforward: "This is power corruption! Must be strict!"
Some netizens have ridiculed the dogs in the photo as "service dogs and military dogs." At the same time, there are also many people who hold mocking and disdain. “This is a police car to train dog racing marathons,” “opens a public car, slips a private dog, and the public affairs are correct.” “An old cow pulls a broken car, and today there is a bus to pull the dog!” The "Nine Rings" replies make people think deeply.
In the public condemnation of satire, there are also netizens questioned: "This will not be the implementation of business just arrested dogs, and now many cities are not banned dog regulations?"
Response: "Confused" driver is punished
The netizen broke the news and pushed the “urban dog playing” bus to the cusp of the storm. Today, Lengshuijiang Internet Publicity Management Office responded to this issue by recognizing that the vehicle Kwangju K5008A, which was exposed by Tiezhong, was a highway law enforcement vehicle of the Lengshuijiang Highway Administration Bureau and had imposed corresponding punishment on the parties.
The replies stated that at about 4:30 pm on November 25th, “the bus in the downtown area was a real scene.” Li Xiang, the driver of the Lengshuijiang Road Brigade, took a bus on the daily road to escort a friend and met a friend at Buxi Road. With the dog, it is required to take a ride to take it to the Chrysanthemum Well Area. Because of the violation of the regulations, Li Xiangyi violated the regulations and took the dog and allowed him to go home via the Lengjiang Bridge.
The replies indicated that on December 18, the Lengshuijiang Highway Administration Bureau had decided to impose “penalty pilot” Li Xiang “penalty for a month, a fine of 500 yuan, openly review, and publicly report criticism” and other penalties.
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