Mining explosion-proof communication cable MHYV supply

Explosion-Proof Communication Cable General Purpose Rubber Jacketed Soft Cable YZW-Price Mine cable is an abbreviation of coal mine cable. Mine cable is flame-retardant cable. All of them should be issued by the National Mine Product Safety Signing Center of Anbiao. Type U (M type) rubber sheathed cable for coal mines.

This product is produced according to GB/T12972-2008 "mine rubber sheathed flexible cable", MT818-2009 "coal mine flame retardant cable" production, but also according to user needs according to the International Electrotechnical Commission recommended standards IEC, British standards, German standards and the United States Standard production.

Scope of application The mine rubber sheathed flexible cable is suitable for mobile laying cables with mining frequency power rated voltage U0/U8.7/10KV and below.

Features of use ● The power frequency rated voltage U0/U is 380/660V, 660/1140V, 1.9/3.3kv, 3.6/6kv, 6/10KV, 8.7/10KV.

● The maximum allowable working temperature of the cable conductor: 65°C90°C

● The cable allows a minimum operating ambient temperature of -35°C

● Cable bending radius: no more than 6 times the cable outer diameter.

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Mine cable selection Mine power supply system, high-voltage power supply lines are generally used armored cable, the failure rate is relatively low compared to low-voltage power supply [1] is much less. The power supply in the mining area is a weak link in the power supply system and the working environment is poor. Therefore, how to select the type and cross section of the cable is related to the safety of the power supply operation. The following describes the cable selection and cable cross-section selection methods.

The choice of the cable model The choice of cable model has a lot to do with the reliability, safety, and economy of the power supply.

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