"Made in China" high-resolution radiation-resistant camera system successfully applied nuclear power base

Unique radiation shielding technology can be rotated 360 degrees in the horizontal direction without blind spots, even in underwater 100 meters work is still stable and reliable ...... Institute of Photoelectric Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences developed a nuclear-based underwater radiation high resolution imaging system, the recent Successfully applied to major nuclear power bases in China. This marks our country breaking the foreign monopoly in this field and truly realizing "Made in China".

Prior to this, the domestic nuclear power base underwater monitoring equipment procurement of foreign products. Feng Chang, deputy director of the General Office of Microelectronics and Equipments, Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the system was developed by the researchers two years independently and was applied exclusively in the nuclear environment. Since 2015, the system has been widely used Applied to China's nuclear power base.

This reporter has learned that this high-resolution radiation-resistant imaging system IOE-CPR-M unique radiation shielding technology, 5000Gy / h dose rate stable 100 hours. At the same time, due to the use of high-performance image sensor with a resolution of 200 million pixels, can output 1080P HD video, driven by a precision motor, at any speed can capture jitter-free screen images.

"The system can improve the safety of nuclear fuel operations and ensure long-term safe operation of fuel assemblies after they are piled into the reactor." For example, Feng Chang, for example, can monitor the operation of subsea fuel assemblies in all aspects Ensure that the fuel is in place; and conduct a special underwater HD inspection and measurement of nuclear fuel assemblies to understand the operational status of the fuel assemblies. In addition, a final safety inspection of the spent fuel pool and core fuel assemblies at the NPP can be carried out to ensure that the fuel assemblies are properly loaded.

It is learned that domestic nuclear power experts have unanimously affirmed the high performance, high reliability and high stability of this system in the overhaul of various nuclear power bases in our country.

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