LPG Dispenser Rt-LPG Double Nozzle LPG Dispenser

Model NO.: RT-LPG
Certificate: ISO
Payment Term: 30% in Advance
Power: 220V/380V 50Hz/60Hz
Trademark: Bluesky
Transport Package: Standard Carton Box or Wooden Box
Specification: 1.5cube
Origin: Zhejiang China
HS Code: 84131100


1 Air separator-2 Flowmeter-2 Solenoid valves- 2 Safety valves 1 ERA LT-LPG124 with 2 pulsers,

2 film keyboard,4 display,2 hoses with breakaway valve,nozzle  and couplings

standard or mass flowmeter

Brief introduction of CONTROLLER PARTS

*The pulse equivalent is settable.

*The display sequence is settable.

*Stop refueling by the next integer value

*The display can show either KG or Liter.

*The latest 10 sales records are queryable.

*The dispenser is lockable when not in use.

*The re-display period when power off  is settable.

*Shift & general total are both settable and clearable.

*Electronic calibration is available when the accuracy deteriorates.

*Error code: The keyboard would show error codes when dispenser doesn't work well.

*With the communication ports, it can communicate with the gas station management system.

*The decimal point of the display is settable, to meet various currency rates in different countries.

*Printer, the title of which is settable. You can change the title into the name of your station name.

*Preset: You can refuel car with a preset volume or price. And there is a shortcut, namely 4 preset buttons on the

 keyboard. After a button is set as a value, it refuels car by this value automatically when you press the button.

*All functions can be customized to meet your own requirements.

*All operations can be done through a remote control.

LPG Dispenser Rt-LPG Double Nozzle LPG Dispenser
LPG Dispenser Rt-LPG Double Nozzle LPG Dispenser
LPG Dispenser Rt-LPG Double Nozzle LPG Dispenser

LPG Dispenser Rt-LPG Double Nozzle LPG Dispenser


 Steel Plug

   Steel plug is very important among all the fasteners. In the pipeline system, it is used to plug some non-essential holes up.There are different types, including square head plug, hex head plug, round head plug. All the plugs are with thread, so some people call it as Threaded Plug. The nominal pipe size is from 1/8`` to 4``. 


        Hex head plug

As for the pressure, they maybe used for ratings up through CLASS6000 designation. About the manufacture materials, there are Carbon Steel Plug, alloy steel plug, stainless steel plug.

stainless steel plug

These plugs are with NPT thread, the material is stainless steel. 

The standard of steel plug is ASME B16.11. This product is widely used in petroleum, chemical, power plant, shipbuilding etc.

Steel Plug

NPT Plug,Threaded Plug,Carbon Steel Plug

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