LNG bottle vacuum

Supply portable LNG cylinder vacuum equipment, Contact: Ye Xing, 15952822199, our company introduced the latest portable LNG cylinder vacuum equipment, equipment power supply is 220v, with small size, fast pumping speed, easy to carry and so on. The equipment can pump two cylinders at a time, the overall working time does not exceed 2 hours, and the final vacuum level of the cylinders can be restored to the factory value. Customers in need are welcome to call for detailed production information.

CYPR Industrial Seal Ring is mainly used for construction machinery, compressor, transmission, etc.

The Seal Ring material includes cast iron and steel, the advanced coating and special gap shape are widely used. CYPR high performance seal ring has a good sealing effect.

Product range: Diameter from 16mm to 400mm 

Industrial Seal Ring

Industrial Seal Ring,Cast Iron Seal Ring,Compressor Seal Ring,Engineering Machinery Seal Ring

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