LED brand group fights for the king who wins the world

When he was a history book, he was still happy with the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. This is an era in which Jin Ge iron horses and heroes fight for hegemony. It is also an era of great change, great differentiation, and great turning. The dominant hegemony will fall into decline because of not making progress, and the small country that is in a squat will also be forced to change. Save and win the world. The survival rule of the weak meat is real and cruel in this era. The contest of strength and wisdom drives the entire social civilization to move forward quickly.
Today's LED lighting industry is also in such a Warring States era: on the one hand, with the gradual opening of the LED lighting terminal application market, more than 10,000 LED lighting companies with different grades, positioning and regions show a hundred schools of contention, foreign giants, traditions Illumination, emerging LED forces and cross-border crocodiles are on the same stage; on the other hand, it is a chaotic world, companies compete with each other, and fight melee regardless of cost. Price wars and homogenization products are flooding the market. In this life-and-death knockout game, the LED lighting companies are constantly seeking breakthroughs in management thinking, innovation in business models and changes in marketing channels, and this exploration will certainly lead to fission in the entire industry.
Since the last year, with the continuous maturity of LED technology, the price of LED lighting products has declined avalanche, and the LED lighting terminal application market has accelerated. According to GSCresearch, LED lighting is currently in the early stage of the outbreak, and penetration from 15 to 60 will be completed in the next 1-3 years, and a large number of LED lighting market demand will be released. In the initial stage of rapid development of the entire industry, the staking is considered to be an important driving force for the company to advance, and it is crucial to have a larger customer base. The so-called leftover is king. Even if the investment is huge and not profitable, as long as there is a solid foundation for a large user base, profit is a matter of time. NVC's ban on Yiguang reflects the fierceness of this conflict.
Integration and innovation, integration and innovation In the era of traditional lighting, enterprises are mostly a small black-house-style state, the competition between industries is like a personal race, and successful companies are like a marathon runner. In the era of LED lighting, this kind of individual combat mode has been difficult to adapt to the new competitive environment. They have slowly broken through the vertical and horizontal way, the resource integration trend has become increasingly popular, and mergers and acquisitions between enterprises have become more frequent. A synergistic approach to quickly grab market share. Radar Love, An Lian Love, and the recent hand of Zhou Ming Technology and Han Yuan, let us see the wave of corporate mergers and acquisitions.
The boundaries of the LED industry are breaking. Just as the vassal states in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States have changed and innovated in order to compete for hegemony, this strategic expansion with the theme of integration has quietly opened up the integrated innovation space of the LED lighting industry, and will certainly give birth to new markets, new technologies, The new application will help to further increase the productivity and industrial competitiveness of the industry.
LED brand competition, are you ready?
In the LED lighting market, this kind of squad is bound to end after 3-5 years. Judging from the law of market development, most industries must undergo several stages, such as production, rapid development, and corresponding profiteering, stalemate, profit margin reduction or even loss, and oligopolistic competition, that is, competition balance. Perhaps, LED lighting will not appear in the end of Qin Wang sweeping Liuhe's one big, but the polarization, the stronger the stronger, the weaker the weaker, the final market reshuffle and the demise of some manufacturers is also an inevitable trend. Therefore, if LED lighting companies can't recognize this situation, they can't take large-scale reforms and innovations within the company, they can't break through in the market and technology, but just pay too much attention to the imitation of products and sales models. The final result must be Lose your helmet and abandon your armor. The country is broken by the mountains and rivers, even if you were the Qi State in the rich world, or the Jinchu who dominated the world.
In the era of LED lighting and the Warring States, opportunities and challenges coexist. The so-called opportunity means that the rapid development of the industry provides a platform for enterprises to show their talents. The so-called challenge refers to whether the company has the strength and confidence to dance on this stage. At present, the LED lighting industry is in the stage of continuous innovation and upgrading from decentralization to concentration and marketing. It will eventually enter the stage of brand competition from the current grasshopper growth. At that time, if there is, he will be added to him to call him redundant; no, even he will have to take over, the brand's Matthew effect will play a huge role. Therefore, companies should consider how to make their products better, and make the brand deep into the hearts of the people, in order to become bigger and stronger in the market competition.
Repairing my armor, the foundation of solidification is in the era of LED lighting in the Warring States Period. In order to establish a foothold in the market, enterprises must have high-quality products that are worthy of consumers' trust and build their core competitiveness. The so-called product competitiveness refers to the product quality is excellent, the performance is superior, and the improvement of the process and the optimization of management in the production and manufacturing process have lower costs than the competitors.
From the current situation, LED lighting companies have reached tens of thousands, but many manufacturers do not have independent research and development capabilities, LED core cutting-edge technology is still in the hands of foreign giants. Due to the lack of industry standards, the quality of the products in the market is uneven. At the same time, product homogenization is a serious phenomenon, and many companies are caught in the mud of price wars. As the application range of LED lighting gradually penetrates into the indoor lighting fields such as roads, tunnels, landscapes, etc., it can provide customers with the best quality products, the most comprehensive services, and the most humanized. Design, who will eventually become the winner in the contest. Therefore, LED lighting companies need to strengthen their product strength and enrich their product systems by independently developing technologies that constitute core competitiveness, or acquiring acquisitions and strategic alliances, and acquiring technologies that constitute their core competitiveness from outside the company. , forging good products, and looking for a market segment suitable for the company's own positioning.
LED competition, only fast does not break the world martial arts, only fast. It’s the way to win the martial arts, and today’s business competition is getting closer to the rule of speed.
In the era of LED lighting in the Warring States period, the explosion of the industry brought the antelope effect. The industry is growing, and the competition is to increase who is faster and who is slower. The insiders have broken the secret. And if you want to do it quickly, you need to be able to make the enemy's first machine and the soldiers expensive.
The so-called inspection machine is in the eyes of the enemy, the company must have a sensitive touch, quickly perceive the changes in the market, and perceive the actions and intentions of competitors, thus providing a reliable basis for the formulation of strategic deployment and competition strategy. At the same time, the speed of the soldiers is fast, the speed is the key to the use of soldiers, but also the key to market competition. At present, LED lighting products have a shorter cycle of renewal and the entire market is undergoing rapid changes. Therefore, companies need to establish a customer-centric response system to improve the ability of supply chain integration and optimization, product planning and rapid marketing response. Otherwise, it will fall into the passive situation of fast fish eating slow fish.
Reporter's Handbook: The industry pattern of LED lighting has undergone a subtle change. The market is no longer the market in the past. The opponent is no longer an opponent in the past. Whether you are an industry tycoon or a second- and third-line brand, you must race against time and be doomed. Looking forward to the future, those companies that achieve optimal allocation of marketing resources, deep internal strength, and speed of ownership can ultimately win. Who is fighting for the king? Who is trying to catch up? Who is gorgeous? Who is turning around in pain? let us wait and see!

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