Instrumentation business development prospects

Although there are gaps between domestic and foreign instrument companies in the developed countries, in the developing countries, China's instrumentation industry is the country with the most comprehensive strength. Therefore, the country will continue to pay attention to and support the development of the instrumentation industry. At the same time, as the demand for instrumentation in China's development in recent years is very large, excellent large-scale instrument companies are more likely to be favored by recruiters, especially such as Sunny Optics, Baoshide Machinery, Zhenpin Technology, and Zhonglei Electronics. Companies such as Mudong Optoelectronics have good platforms and good prospects, which is the best choice for job seekers.

Small and medium-sized instruments are professional and easy to develop

At present, national policies support the growth of small-scale enterprises. For small and medium-sized enterprises, they have introduced relevant policies to provide funds and technical support. This has made small and medium-sized enterprises in various industries unearthed like bamboo shoots, and the instrumentation industry is even more so. The division of labor of small and medium-sized instrument companies will be more clear. Their professionalism is stronger, and they hope that their scale and competitiveness will be able to develop and improve while they are getting support. Therefore, SMEs need more support from technical personnel and have great recruitment. For recruiters, their professional skills are also very limited, so this targeted SME is more suitable for their development.

The strong competitiveness of recruitment in Suzhou in the second half of 2015 indicates that the instrumentation industry is now growing up. In the near future, we hope that inconspicuous instrumentation and industrial automation will gain more and more attention in the development and become a hot industry.

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