Inspection and Testing of High-tech Service Industry Development Opinions

Inspection and Testing of High-tech Service Industry Development Opinions

“Simplify examination and approval, reduce barriers to entry, attract social capital investment inspection and inspection service companies, encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to outsource inspections and inspections required for R&D and production, and expand inspection markets; encourage qualified companies to separate inspection and testing laboratories Management, external undertaking of business; clear separation of enterprises and enterprises, speed up the market-oriented reform of state-owned inspection institutions; support Jiaxing, Hangzhou, Ningbo and other places to build inspection and industry gathering areas......” “The Zhejiang Provincial Government has recently launched the “Accelerate the Inspection and Testing of High-tech Services.” "Development Opinions" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions") proposes that the inspection and inspection industry should be the core of modern high-tech service industries.

The Opinions point out that the inspection and inspection industry has the advantages of intensive talents, advanced technology, high added value, and strong motivation, and is an important technical support for modern economic development and a key link in the industrial chain and innovation chain. Zhejiang Province must straighten out the relationship between the government and the market, accelerate the innovation of inspection and inspection system, activate the inspection and testing market, and promote the inspection and testing of high-tech service industries to become stronger and stronger, and provide technical support for Zhejiang's economic upgrading and efficiency upgrading.

The "Opinions" put forward four measures on how to activate the inspection and test market development. The first is to reform the industry access mechanism and reduce entry barriers. The Provincial Legal Affairs Office and the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau are required to take the lead in clearing up regulations and policy documents that are not conducive to the healthy development of the inspection and testing market, to effectively reduce inspection and inspection item administrative examination and approval items, to break down departmental monopolies and industry barriers, and to integrate and disperse the qualifications of inspection and inspection institutions in various departments. matter. In the future, metrological certification and qualification certification of inspection and testing institutions will all be accepted through the Zhejiang government affairs service network, and a “one-stop” electronic approval service mechanism led by the quality supervision department and jointly reviewed by related departments will be established.

The second is to support social forces to invest in inspection and inspection industries. Encourage foreign investment inspection and testing institutions and domestic leading inspection and testing institutions to establish headquarters or branch offices in Zhejiang; encourage and allow enterprises to subcontract production, R&D and self-inspection work to qualified third-party inspection and testing agencies, and to government and social management agencies The results of the inspection, inspection, certification, certification, etc. shall be adopted for the results of inspections and inspections obtained from outsourcing; various enterprises shall be supported to separate the inspection, inspection and product development, production, and manufacturing with comparative advantages, and establish an independent third-party inspection and testing agency. To provide professional services to the community.

Accelerate the reform of the existing government inspection and inspection institutions, and support the transition from mature business inspection and inspection institutions to enterprise restructuring to achieve the separation of undertakings and enterprises, market-oriented operational functions, and government agencies will no longer participate in the inspection and inspection business in principle. Institutions that hold companies must be decoupled from the companies they run. In the reform of reforms, we must actively promote the integration of state-owned inspection and inspection resources, encourage the integration of assets, cross-sectoral, cross-industry, and cross-regional integration of inspection and testing resources, and establish several provincial and regional large inspection and inspection enterprise groups.

Finally, we will strengthen the construction of public technology service platforms for inspection and testing of industrial agglomerations, encourage inspection and inspection agencies to form technology alliances, and strengthen business collaboration. Support Jiaxing City to establish a national high-tech inspection and agglomeration area, and support Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Shaoxing and other places to set up inspection and testing high-tech service industrial parks.

In view of the fact that the marketization of inspection and inspection services is still in its infancy, the Opinions also proposes to nurture and support from the support of factor resources, policy incentives, and provision of government services.

The Opinions support the identification of qualified inspection and testing institutions as high-tech enterprises, and explicitly include inspection and inspection service facilities into the development plan of the development zone (park). Social capital establishes inspection and inspection projects and enjoys support policies for land, finance, and other elements of the national service industry, producer services, and technology service industries. Various types of financing guarantee agencies are encouraged to increase their financial guarantees for inspection and testing companies in accordance with commercial principles. Support the inspection and testing of qualified companies to market and expand direct financing channels.

The Opinions require all levels of finance to comprehensively use guiding funds, venture capital funds, and build public service platforms to increase support for the construction of inspection and inspection institutions, and to use strategic industrial funds to guide and encourage social capital investment. Industry and development are in urgent need of inspection and testing capabilities.

According to the Opinions, in the future, the inspection and inspection services required by law-enforcement inspections, pre-administrative licensing, and pre-approval of technical examinations in all levels of government departments in Zhejiang should gradually implement government procurement services, introduce competition mechanisms, and adopt unified, open, and transparent The information platform and the public resource trading platform are subject to open bidding, and all types of ownership inspection and testing companies can participate in fair competition.

According to the “Opinions” requirement, by 2020, Zhejiang will basically complete the inspection and testing high-tech service market system that meets the province’s economic and social development “unified, fair, fair, international, and open”, with a reasonable inspection and inspection capacity and a reasonable layout of the organization. The industry chain service centering on detection technology is more integrated with industrial clusters and development zones (parks); it has formed a number of inspection and testing brand organizations with strong innovation capabilities, high service levels, and market competitiveness among the nation's forefront.

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