Inner Mongolia First Truck Drivers Association Established

On the afternoon of the 27th, the inauguration conference of the "Tongliao Kerqin Truck Drivers Association", the first truck driver association in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, was held in Tongliao Jinang Logistics International Park. Representatives of truck drivers, logistics companies, and transport companies attended the inaugural meeting. The municipal transportation administration office, bureau civil affairs bureau, and transportation bureau and other related departments attended the conference.

It is understood that the members of the association are mainly truck drivers and related transportation units, and they provide service as the main task. They are non-profit social group organizations with independent legal personality. The purpose of the association is "to unite service members, regulate business operations, provide services for economic and social development, and serve the development of the logistics industry." The functions of the association are: service, rights protection, coordination and self-discipline. The association's public service platform is located in the Tongliao Jingang International Logistics Park. The association will closely provide services for truck drivers as a social group.

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