How to better maintain the electromagnetic flowmeter

When electromagnetic flowmeters are used, what do we need to pay attention to? Today, Chengdu Chengfeng Instrument Co., Ltd. makes a simple explanation for everyone, and we hope that you pay attention to the following points regarding the maintenance of electromagnetic flowmeters :

1, routine maintenance

Only need to make periodic visual inspection of the instrument, check the surrounding environment of the instrument, sweep dust, ensure that there is no water and other substances, check whether the wiring is good, check whether there is new equipment with strong electromagnetic field near the instrument, or there is a newly installed wire across the instrument.

If the measuring medium is easy to contaminate the electrode or in the measurement of the wall sedimentation, scaling, should be regularly cleaned, cleaned.

2, sensor inspection

Test steps:

(1) When the lining is dry, use MΩ meter to measure the insulation resistance between AC and BC (should be greater than 200MΩ). Then use a multimeter to measure the resistance of the two terminals in the terminals A, B and the measuring tube (should be short-circuit connected). If the insulation resistance is very small, indicating electrode leakage, the entire flowmeter should be returned to the factory for repair. If the insulation is reduced but there is still more than 50MΩ and the inspection result of step (1) is normal, the outer wall of the measuring tube may be damp, and the interior of the housing may be dried by a hot air blower.

(2) When the pipeline is full of media, use a multimeter to measure the resistance between the terminals A, B, and C. The resistance between AC and BC should be as large as equal. If the difference is more than 1 time, it may be the leakage of the electrode, the measurement of the outer wall of the tube or the adsorption of condensed water in the junction box.

3, fault finding

After the meter has been put into operation or normal operation for a period of time, it is found that the instrument is not working properly.

First check the outside of the flowmeter , such as whether the power supply is good, whether the pipe is leaking or not in a full-pipe state, whether there is air bubble in the pipe, whether the signal cable is damaged, and whether the converter output signal (that is, the rear instrument input circuit) is open circuit. Remember to blindly remove the flowmeter.

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