From the drainage ditch to the concrete anti-collision guardrail Wirtgen SP15, SP25 is widely used

Wirtgen's highly flexible SP15 and SP25 small slipform pavers, the two models combine almost all applications: paving ditch, crash barriers, curbs, V-grooves and sidewalks.

Equipment advantage

The slipform paver replaces the traditional expensive manual paving method with a more efficient and economical automatic paving process. Since the paving of concrete structures requires fast, high-quality solutions, the use of small slipform pavers can be very high, so the purchase of Wirtgen's small slipform pavers can benefit investors in the medium to long term.

Improve traffic safety: Concrete crash barriers can effectively prevent major traffic accidents caused by vehicles crashing into the reverse lane

In China, SP15 has been the best-selling model in slipform pavers, and Wirtgen China's slipform application team has introduced new construction methods to the market: for example, the paving of thick gaps is of interest, another important The application trend is to construct a concrete crash barrier for "life safety protection".

Henan G107 National Road: SP15 paving concrete crash barrier

G107 National Highway Henan Xinxiang Duoma Village Intersection to the Yellow River Embankment Section is listed as one of the 20 dangerous sections in the province. The traffic management department investigated and analyzed that the lack of a central collision barrier and various traffic safety facilities on the national highway is an important cause of frequent traffic accidents.

In March 2015, the central anti-collision guardrail was built on the road section to effectively prevent vehicles such as trucks and buses from colliding across the midline to the reverse lane and greatly improving the safety of the passengers on the road. There are three Wirtgen SP15 slipform pavers in the project working at different construction sites. This automated process reduces costs and is extremely efficient. The total length of the collision barrier is nearly 44km, and the construction period is expected to be 60 days.

The newly built central crash barrier is a “New Jersey-style crash barrier” with a design height of 1.0 m and a base width of 60 cm with a top width of 20 cm. During construction, the steel cages are pre-programmed and fixed on the ground. The molds installed on the left side of the slipform paver cross the steel cages to form fresh concrete at a time.

The concrete anti-collision guardrail can realize continuous paving operation with only one machine, and the structure is formed in one time, which is economical and efficient.

SP 15 侧铺模具能灵活的装在机器的左右任一侧

SP15 side laying mold can be flexibly mounted on either side of the machine

The average paving speed of SP15 during construction is about 1 meter per minute, and the workload of about 400 meters per day can be completed, which is 3-4 times higher than that of traditional manual methods. The SP15 is equipped with up to five hydraulic vibrating rods. The speed of each vibrating rod can be adjusted independently. It is the perfect choice for paving anti-collision guardrails and curbstones. The paved structure has a greatly improved compactness, and the finished product has good linearity, regular shape and smooth surface, which is unmatched by the old manual method.

Guangxi: SP15 paves the first gap-type ditch monolith in China

结构物的线性和耐久性优于其他预制模具,SP 15 能够快速高效而且经济地滑模出各种混凝土结构物
The linearity and durability of the structure is superior to other prefabricated molds, and the SP15 is capable of sliding out various concrete structures quickly, efficiently and economically.

So far, the slotted ditch has not been widely used for domestic highways and national highways. However, the Wirtgen slipform paver has made a major breakthrough in this application, the famous project is the Baise to Jingxi Expressway in Guangxi Province. This state-level highway starts from Napo County and passes through Tianyang and Debao to Baise Jingxi County, with a total length of 98km.

The Baise-Jingxi Expressway adopts a two-way four-lane scheme. The design speed of the whole line is 100km per hour and the total length is 98km. Among them, the super-high section of about 40km turns into a slot-type ditch. There are many corners of Jingxi Expressway, and the gap-type ditch helps to improve the safety of the section.

The ditch is located between the two lanes, so concrete paving is completed before the highway construction on both sides. This is the first project to use the Wirtgen SP15 for trench paving. The automated process saves time, reduces costs and saves resources.

More economical and efficient than traditional construction methods

The SP15 slipform paver operates continuously between two manhole covers that are 100 meters apart. To spread the continuous reinforced gap ditch, first fix a steel cage on the ground, then insert a rubber hose from the front of the steel cage, and finally inflate the rubber hose with an Air Compressor. Throughout the paving process, the mold mounted on the slipform paver spans the steel cage, and the inflatable hose supports the concrete that has just slipped out of the mold but is still soft, ensuring accurate structural dimensions. The SP15 is equipped with an electronic steering sensor and an elevation sensor that measures the baseline placed along one side of the slotted structure. The electronic sensor controls the direction of the paver and the elevation of the paving structure. The folding conveyor conveys the wet material on the Concrete Mixer to the SP15 slipform paver.

Conventional trench construction methods are prefabricated concrete structures. This method is not only time consuming, but also requires great manpower and truck handling, as well as the placement of prefabricated concrete structures with hydraulic booms. Each concrete structure weighs 1 ton or more, trucks can only transport a limited number of structures, and because of the logistics chain restrictions, only about 30m per day can be installed.

钢筋笼子和充气的橡胶软管充当结构物基础SP 15 以自动化流程进行摊铺
Reinforced cages and inflated rubber hoses serve as the basis for the structure, and the SP15 is paved with an automated process

维特根 SP 15 摊铺的缝隙式水沟,精确、稳定、表面光滑的结构物

Wirtgen SP 15 paved crevice ditch, precise, stable, smooth surface structure


Electronic sensor of the machine steering system tracks the baseline along the structure

In the construction of this type of crevice ditch, the average paving speed of SP15 is about 1 metre per minute and 500 meters per day. In addition to higher machine productivity, labor costs are also greatly reduced.

Liaoning: SP25 is paving factory floor

The SP25 is a compact, versatile slipform paver that not only laterally paves cement concrete monoliths of all shapes and sizes, but also for narrow roads, rural roads, bicycle lanes, and different ditches. The positive application of the groove has a very good effect.

一台 SP 25 滑模摊铺机即可整合所有传统施工步骤,实现同步一体化作业
An SP25 slipform paver integrates all traditional construction steps for simultaneous integration

Synchronous integrated construction

Yingkou Tiancheng Floor Engineering Co., Ltd. uses SP25 slipform to spread the cement floor in the port and plant area. The construction adopts the paving method of the vertical paving. During the construction, the cement with the C30 is uniformly distributed over the entire paving width by the cloth in front of the SP25 fuselage.

The body is equipped with 10 high-frequency vibrating rods, which are vibrated, compacted and exhausted, and then extruded into a formwork to form a concrete slab with a width of 3.75m and a thickness of 15cm.

Thereafter, the heavy-duty flat beam at the rear of the fuselage is reciprocated by a hydraulically driven eccentric mechanism to level the concrete surface; and a super-screeder mounted on the elongated arm further repairs and processes the concrete surface to form Smooth and flat surface effect.

Through this intelligent mechanical construction method, the construction efficiency can reach 1.0-2.0m per minute. The total amount of paving totaled about 300,000 square meters, and the construction has already completed about 100,000 square meters. Using Wirtgen's mechanized construction, an SP25 slipform paver integrates all traditional construction steps to achieve simultaneous integration. Therefore, only a small amount of auxiliary labor is required in the construction, and the construction efficiency is at least doubled than the conventional method. The paving plate has improved compactness and strength, thus saving overall labor costs.

Guangxi: SP25 rear hanging mold paver sliding mold paving highway emergency stop belt

Another special feature of the SP25 slipform paver is that after the pavement mold is installed on the paver, the machine track no longer occupies additional travel space, allowing the mold to be paved on one side or on both sides. The rear-mounted sliding form paving is ideal for cement concrete paving such as narrow rural roads, industrial parks, and factory floors.

SP 25 一台机器即可实现混凝土路面连续摊铺作业
SP25 can realize continuous paving of concrete pavement with one machine

SP25 fuselage is equipped with multiple high-frequency vibrating rods to vibrate and compact concrete

Mechanized slipform construction High-efficiency paving emergency stop belt

Guangxi Sanliu Expressway is a highway from Sanjiang Yi Autonomous County to Liuzhou City. It has a four-lane cement concrete surface design. The contractor uses the Wirtgen SP850 to spread the main driveway with a width of 8.5m and a thickness of 30cm, and then uses Wirtgen's SP25 rear hanging mold. The paver slides a temporary parking lane with a width of 2.75m and a thickness of 30cm.

The two tracks on the left side are driven on the completed concrete road surface, and the two tracks on the right side are driven on the edge of the base layer to realize the slip-form construction of the cement plate. Instead of the traditional three-roller paving edge board, the real mechanized sliding mode construction is realized.

The total length of the slipform is 18km and the average paving speed is 1.0-2.0m/min. Working 10 hours a day, the paving can be completed around 700-800m, and the entire workload can be completed in 25 days, which is 300% higher than the traditional labor efficiency. (This article is from Wirtgen China)

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