Factors and Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Content in Small Weather Stations

In some small-scale agricultural meteorological stations, soil carbon and nitrogen are not reduced. With the increase of soil depth, agricultural weather stations are located in the western part of Liaoning. Liaoning is located in the western hilly region, with less rainfall, vegetation coverage, and less serious soil erosion, which may be the main reason affecting the distribution of soil carbon and nitrogen. Severe soil erosion surface nutrient loss, deteriorated physical and chemical properties, land productivity is getting lower, so the soil carbon and nitrogen content is relatively low.

The effect of temperature on small-scale meteorological stations on soil carbon and nitrogen is more complicated. As the temperature rises and the biomass yield increases, organic residues returned to the soil increase, contributing to the accumulation of soil carbon and nitrogen, and the increase in temperature also promotes the decomposition of organic matter. The effect of temperature on soil carbon and nitrogen is determined by the amount of organic residue returned and the rate of decomposition of organic matter.

The effect of soil surface temperature on soil carbon and nitrogen is greater than that of precipitation. Soil carbon and nitrogen are greatly affected by longitude. The analysis of small weather stations shows that the spatial distribution of soil carbon and nitrogen in farmland in Liaoning Province is greatly affected by water, but it cannot explain the actual impact of soil carbon and nitrogen. At present, extreme weather events are increasingly frequent, and carbon and nitrogen are bound to have an impact on the soil. Small meteorological stations are required to further research and analysis in order to find the key meteorological factors that affect soil carbon and nitrogen, and provide a reliable basis for the future assessment of carbon revenue and expenditure.

Comprehensive analysis of the distribution characteristics of small-scale meteorological station profiles in the soil organic carbon and total nitrogen, the total can be seen as the depth of soil decreases. Different soil depths, soil organic carbon and total nitrogen were affected by meteorological factors at different levels. The combined effects of soil carbon and nitrogen content in soil surface are mainly precipitation and annual average temperature, as well as lower annual average soil temperature.

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