Emergency method for failure of sprinkler brakes

1 , according to road conditions and speed control a good direction, take off the high gear, and quickly hung your feet empty oil, high-speed gear into low gear. In this way, the sprinkler engine will have large traction resistance and the speed will decrease rapidly. In addition, the handbrake should be used in combination with the low gear, but it should be noted that the handbrake can't be pulled tight or pulled too slowly. If you pull too tight, it is easy to make the brake disc " locked " , it is likely to damage the transmission parts and lose the braking ability ; if you pull too slowly, it will make the brake disc wear ablation and lose the braking effect.

2. Rubbing and collision of steel parts such as bumpers and carriages of sprinklers with natural obstacles ( rocks, trees, or slopes ) on the roadside to achieve the purpose of forcibly parking out and reduce accident losses as much as possible.

3 , when the sprinkler truck uphill, the brake failure, should be reduced to the middle and low gear timely, and maintain enough power to drive uphill parking. If you need to stop on a half-slope, you should keep the low gear in the forward direction and tighten the hand brake. The occupant will promptly block the wheels with stones, padding and other objects. If there is a phenomenon of backsliding, the rear of the vehicle should face the hillside or the side of safety, and turn on the headlights and emergency signal lights to attract the attention of the front and rear vehicles.

4. If the brake on the downhill of the sprinkler fails to use the vehicle's own mechanism to control the vehicle speed, the driver should use natural obstacles, such as rocks and trees near the roadside, to cause resistance to the car. If you can't find a suitable terrain and objects can be used for a while, you can bring one side of the car body closer to the mountain side in an emergency, increase resistance with friction, and gradually reduce the speed.

5 , the sprinkler should step on the brake when there is no condition in the next long slope or steep slope. Both can test the braking performance, but also can be found in the brake failure to gain control of the time, also known as predictive braking.

Cross Roller Bearing is a special type bearing. Because of the inner ring or outer ring were separated, after loading the roller and the cage, it is fixed with the cross roller shaft ring to prevent the separation, so the operation is simple when installing the cross roller shaft ring. Since the rollers are intersected, only one set of cross roller bearings can withstand the load in each direction, which is three to four times more rigid than the traditional model. At the same time, because the inner ring or outer ring of the cross Roller Bearing is a two-part structure, the bearing clearance can be adjusted, and even if it is preloaded, it can obtain a high-precision rotary motion. Moreover, because of its special structure, it is commonly used in industrial robots as joint bearings.

cross roller 1

The classification and model series of cross roller bearings are below:

RB type (outer ring segment)

RB series models for cross roller bearing, basic, inner and outer ring size is minimal to miniaturization, its structure is the outer ring is divided, the inner ring design is an organic whole, the inner ring spinning of high precision parts suitable for requirements.

RE type (inner ring segment)

The RE series is a new type of XRB design concept, which is the same size as the XRB type.The structure of the inner ring is the split type and the outer ring is one design, which is suitable for the parts with high rotating precision of outer ring.

RU type (inner and outer circle)

The RU series model is not required to be fixed flange and support base due to the processing of mounting holes.In addition, due to the adoption of the integrated inner and outer ring structure of the belt, the installation has little effect on the performance, thus achieving stable rotation precision and torque.Can be used for outer ring and inner ring rotation.

RBC type (outer ring segment)

The RBC series model (corresponding to the CRBC series of IKO company) is composed of the outer ring is the split type, the inner ring is one design, and the belt is fully loaded with roller bearings.Suitable for high rotation accuracy of inner ring.

CRBH type (inner and outer ring)

CRBH series model, outer ring and outer ring are integral structure, used for outer ring and inner ring rotation.

RA type (outer circle segmentation, ultrathin type)

The RA series model is the compact type that reduces the thickness of RB and outer ring to the limit.Suitable for areas with light weight and compact design, such as rotating parts of robot and manipulator.

SX type (outer ring segment)

The structure of SX series is similar to that of RB series. The outer ring is a two-part structure, which is designed with three spring card rings and the inner ring, which is suitable for the place where the inner ring has high rotation precision.

XRU08 type (inside and outside)

XSU08 series is similar to the RU series, and the inner and outer rings have been machined with holes, so no fixed flange and support seats are required.Due to the adoption of the integrated inner and outer ring structure, the installation has little effect on the performance, thus achieving stable rotation precision and torque.Can be used for outer ring and inner ring rotation.

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Cross Roller Bearing

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