Dongfeng Liuzhou Shanghai Auto Show pushes high-speed logistics vehicle Pa Lung Cummins M7C

Recently, Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile officially launched the Balong Cummins M7C, which was successively listed on various regional markets across the country. It is reported that the M7C uses the Cummins 10L "gold displacement" engine, positioned in the high-speed logistics vehicles.

In the power system, M7C uses the Cummins 10L "gold displacement" engine, matching the United States Cummins and Scania jointly developed Haopeng XPI high pressure common rail fuel system and electronically controlled silicone oil fan technology, effectively reducing the fuel consumption of the M7C. In addition, the M7C uses a "keel frame structure", a high-strength steel plate body, and WABCO brake components to increase safety and driving stability. Through the use of high-quality, light-weight materials, the M7C's weight dropped to 8.18 tons, which is half a ton less than comparable products.

In the design of the cockpit, the M7C uses a large space flat floor, driving cabin height of 1.92 meters, so that the main and sub-drive can be easily transposed, with other such as coffee table, sleeper, air conditioning and other optimized configuration, giving a "mobile home" a feeling of.

Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile said that before proceeding with the development of the M7C, through detailed market research, the M7C will eventually be positioned as a high-speed logistics vehicle. In order to compete for the market, the car will enjoy the vehicle 36 months long warranty, unlimited mileage, not responsible for the service.

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