Domino Pendulum Principles and Benefits

Domino Pendulum Principles and Benefits

Introduction: Minor Logo Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of British Domino Printing Technology Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1978 in Cambridge, UK, and designs, manufactures and markets industrial coding equipment and consumption. The specialized company of materials is the world's leading supplier of marking technology.

The working principle of the domino inkjet printer is to instantaneously charge the high-speed splitting ink droplets to generate different degrees of deflection between the high voltage plates, thereby forming different dot patterns or texts when the ink droplets fall on the surface of the product. . In simple terms, a domino printer consists of two parts: the ink path and the circuit. The volume of the machine is about one tenth of a cubic meter. The host computer includes three parts of the electronic system box, the ink system box and the user interface. It also includes an extension of the ink system: the ink channel used for the code and Print head system; Consumables, which are the inks that make up the dot matrix mark on the product surface, Domino has various types of inks that are suitable for different industries and different material surface marking requirements. When the machine is running, simply insert the ink tank into the corresponding part of the ink box of the printer, and the ink will enter the ink circulation. Under the coding command of the electronic system, the required text or graphics will be printed on the surface of the product by the nozzle. on.

First, high stability:

A. Domino Core Technology:

1, SURESTARTTM technology - a fully automatic cleaning nozzle and recovery tube, to the maximum extent to prevent nozzle clogging.

• The concept of automatic cleaning: Since only the nozzle and the recovery port are exposed to the air in the printer ink system, they dry quickly. Therefore, the cleaning of the nozzle and the recovery port is called automatic cleaning.

Ø Nozzle: Drill a hole with a diameter of 0.04~0.075mm on the gem, then insert it on the nozzle plate. Because the aperture is very small, the ink can easily clog the nozzle after drying.

Ø Reclaimer: Unprinted ink flows back to the ink tank through this port. The ink will dry in this tube due to exposure to the air and clog the recovery port.

• Steps:

Before the automatic cleaning: the ink is ejected through the nozzle through the gun body, and the recovery port retracts the unprinted ink. At this time, the ink still remains in the gun body and the recovery port when printing is stopped.

During automatic cleaning: The cleaning fluid flows into the gun body and ejects ink from the nozzle, cleaning the nozzle. The cleaning liquid ejected from the nozzle flows into the recovery port to clean the recovery port. The coder automatically cleans when shutting down.

After automatic cleaning: The solenoid valve closes the nozzle, reducing the volatilization of consumables

2, NOZZLE SOLENOID patented nozzle solenoid valve - to ensure that the random start of the printer, eliminating the abnormal power off the impact of the printer. DOMINO's unique SURESTARTTM technology and NOZZLE SOLENOID's patented nozzle-sealing solenoid valve allow the inkjet printer to automatically perform cleaning procedures, cleaning ink supply lines, ink return lines, nozzles, and recovery tubes. At the end of the procedure, the nozzle is automatically sealed.


(1) Effectively prevent clogging of pipes, nozzles, and recovery pipes, making cleaning more thorough and more reliable.

(2) Prevent the loss of consumables brought by human cleaning and reduce costs.

(3) The cleaning fluid enters the ink circuit through the recovery system and can be reused effectively.

(4) The cleaning solution does not flow out, does not pollute the environment and is conducive to environmental protection.

(5) It can be ensured that 100 nozzles can be switched on and off without cleaning the nozzle; the machine can be turned on successfully after a long-term shutdown; it can ensure that the printer can be stopped for up to three months without any treatment.

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