Do you know that filter cartridges have a shelf life?

[Xiagong Chusheng original] filter water removal function, mainly by a layer of hydrophobic coating on the surface of the filter paper, and this layer of coating is good or bad, directly determines the filter's water filter performance. The hydrophobic coating used in the diesel filter is a cutting edge technology from various manufacturers.

Some people may say that there is something advanced about this, and I will simply say that everyone is very easy to understand.

First, the hydrophobic coating must be solid. If the coating does not solidify, it will wash out quickly under the wash of diesel oil and water.

Second, the hydrophobic coating must be extremely thin. If the hydrophobic coating is a little thicker and sticky before spraying, it will block the tiny pores on the filter paper. Anything can't be passed, only thin enough. Wrap each filament of filter paper fiber.

It is based on this feature that the hydrophobic coating is also difficult to overcome, which is volatilization and loss.

After we learned from Parker engineers, we learned that all coating materials on filter paper will gradually evaporate and react with air. If the normal filter paper is exposed to the air, if it is more than two years, the performance of the filter will begin to decline. Even if it is a Parker filter element, the only difference is that Parker's original water filtration effect is better, and it will decrease. It is not so obvious.

Of course, this is the reason why Parker's filter elements have to be encapsulated by plastic film, and the shelf life of the sealed filter element is longer.

Of course, this situation is not common in actual conditions, and no one will encounter a filter element that has been in place for several years. However, even if this filter element is already used in a car, it has a longevity.

When the filter cartridge is loaded, the filter paper is equivalent to soaked in diesel oil. This environment also has certain damage to the coating on the filter paper. Parker did experiments that when the filter element was soaked in oil for more than 6 months, the effect of filtering water would begin to deteriorate. This has nothing to do with the number of kilometers.

The normal sports car operation will basically not encounter such a situation, but if a car is stopped for six months, even if it is not running, the filter element should be replaced.

In the same way, if you want to buy a stock car, you should change the filter of the whole car into a new one at the first time after you mention the car.

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