DNV GL implements "MVORE BRASIL" without...

It is reported that a few days ago, DNV GL China's surveyor carried out a drone survey on a 400,000-ton super-large ore ship "MVORE BRASIL" anchored at a shipyard in Zhoushan.

According to the news, the surveyor operated a drone equipped with a high-definition camera outside the cargo hold to shoot the ship structure and bulkhead conditions in the cargo hold and transmit the video to the computer in real time. The surveyor judges whether a further "close-up inspection" is needed based on the video image, and the video image is intuitive and easy to archive and retain.

According to Cao Biao, head of the DNV GL Greater China Operations Shipping Department, drone inspection can reduce the intensity of the surveyor's work and reduce the cost of surveying (no need for scaffolding, elevators, etc.), and improve safety. It will continue to explore and improve the application of drones in the field of ship inspection.

It is understood that DNV GL has always attached importance to research and innovation, including long-term research and development projects that develop advanced ship inspection technology. DNV GL expects more such drone survey cases to occur in China.

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