Development and application of numerical control technology

The application of CNC technology in a factory began in 1975. It began as a small-scale numerical control technology transformation and application of CNC machine tools. Only four or five machine tools were concentrated in two units, and CNC maintenance was limited to the workshop maintenance group. At that time, the management mode of numerical control technology, the use of numerical control equipment and the maintenance of numerical control equipment was adopted. This management mode can achieve unified use of equipment, maintenance, and overall arrangement, avoiding management and affecting production. However, there is a lack of uniform management of equipment maintenance, which may affect the normal maintenance, maintenance and concealing equipment accidents due to tight production tasks. This management mode is only applicable to the initial use phase of CNC equipment.

With the development of production, more and more equipment uses numerical control technology, which makes many production workshops have numerical control equipment. If the above model is still adopted, each workshop must establish a maintenance organization, which will inevitably lead to the human, material and financial resources. Great waste. In the face of new situations, we will turn to the new management mode of professional leadership, unified management, planned use and centralized maintenance, that is, the use of CNC equipment and CNC technology is responsible for the workshop, and the management and maintenance are responsible for the mobile department. Improve the organization assurance system and maintenance management organization:

(1) Equipment management organization system In equipment management, a factory has a complete, sound, high-quality, and highly responsive management organization system, with the chief engineer as the head and the mobile department as the main body, including planning and finance. The equipment management organization system including the process, quality and use unit, implements the comprehensive management of the whole process of the equipment. Clearly manage the three levels of management functions, coordinate and unify, each with its own responsibilities, and check at all levels.

(2) The equipment maintenance management organization has set up a numerical control equipment management and maintenance room. The members include mechanical and electrical, computer hardware and other professional technicians with intermediate and senior titles, and maintenance fitters and maintenance electricians with the titles of middle and senior technicians.

Mainly responsible for the management and maintenance of the whole plant CNC equipment, especially the analysis, judgment, overhaul and external cooperation of the CNC system failure, and secondly, the technical training of the CNC operation and maintenance personnel of the whole plant. The equipment user selects the maintenance personnel who have certain maintenance experience, are eager to learn, and have strong sense of responsibility as the daily management and maintenance work of the CNC equipment in this workshop, and accept the leadership and supervision of the mobile department in the business.


Pneumatic portable marking machine is aimed at a variety of large inconvenient to move the product research and development, is the general marking machine in the special products. Generally adopts split design, mainly has the control box and the marking machine head two parts (also has the all-in-one machine), directly holds the machine head part to aim at the object to carry on the printing when the operation. This model is small in size, light in weight, easy to carry and use, suitable for indoor, outdoor and other mobile marking.
The printing result of the pneumatic portable marking machine is the gravure printing similar to the steel head, which has the advantages of standard characters, beautiful appearance, neat arrangement, normal appearance and high grade; Can be made up and printed, automatic printing serial number, automatic record printing content, marking environmental climate, wear resistance, durable and reliable.
Pneumatic portable marking machine marking needle is made of imported powder steel, can be used for HRC60C hardness of the workpiece marking; Solenoid valve using the original MAC high frequency solenoid valve, light frequency per second up to 300 times; The original Taiwan upper silver linear guide rail is adopted for high precision, long service life, and the minimum marking character can reach 1*1mm without deformation; The data cable USES the high quality control cable, and carries on the anti-folding protection to the cable, causes the marking machine zero failure rate in the process.

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