Compressor - the importance of the heart

The selection and use of the compressor is as important as the heart to the chiller.

The beating of the heart ensures life. The quality of the compressor determines the life of the machine, the work, and the delivery. The compression method can be divided into piston type and rotary type. In recent years, there have been new developments in terms of rotary type. Especially in terms of high efficiency, small size, and light weight, rotor-type, scroll-type, and screw-type systems have developed rapidly.

From the compressor structure point of view, the compressor can be divided into open, semi-closed and fully enclosed. The main shaft of the open type compressor protrudes from the outside of the machine and is connected with the prime mover through a rotating device (rotating belt or coupling). A shaft sealing device must be provided at the protruding portion to seal the main shaft and the body from leakage of the refrigerant. The structure of the hermetic compressor is that the motor and the compressor are integrated and installed in the same body so that the shaft sealing device can be eliminated and the possibility of refrigerant leakage is avoided. In this way, the motor is in an environment surrounded by refrigerant and is called a built-in motor. Enclosed compressors can be divided into semi-closed and fully closed two types. The semi-enclosed body is connected with a screw, so it can be opened and repaired like the open type. The fully enclosed body is housed in a welded enclosure and cannot be opened for maintenance.

At present, open-type compressors are used in occasions such as ammonia refrigerants, automobile air conditioners, and engine drives. In general refrigeration and air-conditioning projects, they are gradually moving toward semi-closed and totally enclosed. Because of the large scale of production and low cost, the totally enclosed type is increasingly used in various fields of refrigeration and air conditioning.

In the positive displacement compressor, the piston compressor is a common one, and its compression theory is easy to understand and accept. Most of the theoretical analysis of piston compressors are applicable to other displacement type rotary compressors. Therefore, the theoretical circulation of the positive displacement compressor is first discussed as a representative of a displacement type compressor.

Learn about the heart and understand the heart of the compressor.

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