Central Control Instruments: Conquering the Market with Craftsmanship

[China Instrument Network Exhibition Frontline] On September 22, 2015, “China Good Instruments” National Tour Chongqing Station entered the 26th China International Surveying Control and Instruments Exhibition. At the scene, Ms. Yang Xiaowei, the marketing director of Zhejiang Zhongkong Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Central Control Instrument”), who is currently a high-profile candidate for “China Good Instrument”, was interviewed by the reporter of this website (China Instrument Network), and Answers to questions that users are very concerned about.

Enhancing product performance Intelligently conquering user groups In the “China Good Instruments” event in 2015, R Series multi-function smart meter products selected by Central Control Instruments were deeply loved by users and got a good ranking in voting. Yang Xiaowei introduced that this is the latest product of SMIC. It has made good adjustments to the software and hardware platforms, and has greatly improved the friendliness of the intelligence, openness, and user interface. Therefore, it is not surprising that this product has a good response among users.

And the higher degree of intelligence and complete functions are exactly the reasons why Central Controls has chosen this product to compete. “In the past, instrumentation products had relatively simple basic functions, but this R-series smart meter product has a high degree of intelligence, and it can provide users with a good operating platform, allowing customers to play autonomously. It is not only simple. Record, collect, and upload data, but a truly intelligent instrument with PLC-like capabilities."

In response to the promotion of this product, Zhongzhong has made more targeted planning, and its ultra-thin body and smart operating product features have made it more inclined to meet the market demand for equipment. Therefore, there will be a good response to the vigorous promotion in the pharmaceutical industry and the food processing industry.

Adhere to the craftsmanship of domestic instruments to represent the service of the world's products for the user is very concerned about the product life, Yang Xiaowei believes that the instrument company has always insisted on excellent materials, Seiko secret agents, product quality is high, not just new products, even if it took more than a decade old Meters are still operating normally. "If there is no spirit of craftsmanship, excellence, conscientiousness, and steadfastness in instrumentation, no matter how many meters your instrument has, it will be eliminated. High quality should be the most important quality of a good instrument. At the same time, we must keep up with the trend of the times. The current concept of 'Industry 4.0' and 'Internet +' must be kept in step with everything from manufacturing to sales. This is what a healthy, all-round development company should do."

With the increasing demand for meter products, some user groups say that the quality of domestic products is not as good as that of foreign countries. For this phenomenon, Yang Xiaowei has his own view: “This is exactly what Central Control has been trying to turn around for many years. We are all following, learning, and catching up.We don't think that well-made domestic products will be worse than foreign ones. In fact, our X-Series calibrators are the examples. The performance and appearance of these X-Series calibrators are entirely beyond the US. At present, our high-precision transmitters, recorders, and safety barriers are struggling to catch up with well-known foreign products of the same kind. We believe we have this strength."

However, the lack of visibility in overseas markets is also a problem faced by domestic instruments. Many overseas markets have a distrust of Chinese manufacturing. According to Yang Xiaowei, the measure of controlling the instrument in this case is to go online and offline in multiple channels, with the Southeast Asian market as the core, and gradually expand to Europe and the United States. Because European and American products are indeed very good, the prices are high, and the overall design capabilities and manufacturing capabilities of Southeast Asian countries are far behind China. At present, Zhonghua’s sales distribution has also established offices and branches in Southeast Asian countries and is gradually expanding into European and American countries. On the other hand, it strengthened marketing. In the promotion of online marketing, Central Control, print media, customer exchanges and exhibitions are multi-pronged. In addition to participating in the exhibition, the online platforms including websites, WeChat, print media, and advertisements are all designed by professionals. A particularly effective market approach is to target customers in a cluster and engage in professional and peer-to-peer technical exchanges to expand market influence through multiple channels.

Judging from the development results in recent years, the practice of Central Control is remarkable. In March 2007, Zhonghuai successfully won the bid of Sinopec Wuhan Branch’s “5 million-ton/year oil quality upgrading and refining transformation project”, breaking the monopoly of foreign companies for the high-end market of China’s petrochemical industry for the first time. In the following years, several large-scale petrochemical projects were successively seized. In the field of high-end products, they competed with foreign giants on the same stage and repeatedly won. The products went abroad and achieved remarkable results and good reputation in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other places; this year 5 The company won the bid for Sinopec's S-Zorb DCS system and will continue to provide products and services to a number of Sinopec subsidiaries including Wuhan Petrochemical, Changling Petrochemical, and Qilu Petrochemical in the next three years. These achievements all point to the central control instrument has occupied an important seat in the instrument field, and we have reason to believe that under the leadership of a group of outstanding domestic companies, the future of the instrument industry will become better and better.

Postscript: According to statistics, Zhejiang Province began to have several instrument factories since 1958. Before 1980, the total economic output ranks 18th in all provinces and cities nationwide. The electric energy meters and water meters in the products are the two pillars of the province's instrument industry. Only after the reform and opening up did it develop quickly, Zhejiang Province also formed a number of national dragon skull enterprises, developed and produced a variety of domestic leading high-tech products, created a number of first in the country, and the total economic output ranks nationwide. Forefront has become one of the largest instrumentation provinces in the country.

Central control instrument is the backbone of this group of companies. As early as 1994, Zhongkong Instrument launched the first paperless recorder in China. Over the past 20 years, JL series, R series, C series and F series have been introduced, which have always led the development of paperless recorders in China and have always occupied a high market share in China and have been expanded in Southeast Asia. Markets in more than a dozen countries and regions in North America. Now it has become one of the leading manufacturers of industrial automation products in terms of domestic output, series, and functionality.

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