Car networking, driverless and new energy vehicles are getting closer and closer to us

This year's CES is no longer a mobile phone show, but has become a sign of the auto show. Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Chevrolet, Ford, Volkswagen and other auto makers have invariably demonstrated car networking, smart driving, new energy and other automotive technologies. Mercedes-Benz's F015 LuxuryinMotion is pure. The electric driverless concept car has caused a lot of screams, and network technology has completely penetrated into the automotive industry.

It may seem that Mercedes-Benz F015 concept car is still far away from us, but car networking, smart driving, new energy and other automotive technologies have been very close to us, and domestic network technology companies and auto manufacturers have been actively exploring. Last year, Baidu confirmed that it is developing a driverless car, and indicated that it will develop a car-mounted intelligent platform named carnet into the area of ​​vehicle networking. In the same period, Ali and SAIC reached a cooperation agreement and announced that they will jointly promote the development of Internet vehicles; at this time, LeTV also announced that it has reached a cooperation with BAIC to develop new energy vehicles.

Although it takes time for the driverless technology to be fully market-oriented, the door to the Internet of Cars has been fully opened. Baidu and Ali have already possessed the technology and network service resources of the Internet of Vehicles. In 2015, it is highly likely that there will be competition between real weapons and real guns. situation. On the other hand, in the past two years, the government has taken a positive attitude toward new energy vehicles. The central and local governments have given greater preferential subsidies to electric vehicles. Domestic automobile manufacturers such as BYD, Chery, BAIC and SAIC have all launched electric vehicles. Sela ignited public opinion on the electric car market in 2014, and by 2015, domestic electric cars will become the focus of public opinion.

Car networking, driverless driving, and new energy appear in the market at the same time, and the automotive industry is ushering in a huge technological change.

Smart home, wearable return rationality, niche change to the mass still takes time

In 2014, products and controversy surrounding smart homes and wearable smart devices presented a scene of raging fires. At one end, the enthusiasm of the capital market was pursued. At the other end, there was constant cold water from the media. Smart homes and wearables are still not optimistic about the market for a short period of time. So far, there is still no sought-after product in the market. It can be seen that it takes time for the niche to become public demand.

Although the consumer market is not yet mature, Baidu needs to be laid out in advance. In 2014, Baidu launched the BaiduInside cooperation program, which attracted many smart hardware developers. At the same time, dulife platform was responsible for the wearable smart market, and the Family (Baidu Zhijia platform was launched at the end of 14) was responsible for the smart home market. With the gradual improvement of Baidu's smart hardware platform, Baidu will conduct a comprehensive layout around smart home and wearable market in 2015. At this year's CES conference, Intel launched the Curie module program, which will be a button-sized system chip or will promote the development of the wearable market.

Big data, artificial intelligence, further marketization of robots

In 2014, the AI ​​artificial killing theory that scientists of the scientific community Hawking and Tesla CEO Musk had thrown up caused a certain degree of panic, but it did not affect the enthusiasm of the science and technology giants for artificial intelligence research and development.

Artificial intelligence is no longer a new topic. With the development of big data technology, artificial intelligence ushered in market opportunities. Microsoft tried to develop artificial intelligence in the market in the form of "Xiaobing" in China, and Baidu has dug in the past two years the authoritative figures of Wu Enda and Zhang Yaqin in the two artificial intelligence fields.

Robots on these two days are also known as hot topics. Japan's richest man, Masayoshi Son, said: "(2050) Japan's economic competitiveness will be able to become the world's No. 1 and Japan will no longer be a 'sundom country' and will be revived as ' The astonishing remarks of the "Sunrise Country" caused a lot of commotion. Sun Jung thinks that the way to achieve this goal is to develop robots vigorously. Prior to this, Terry Gou also proposed to open robots to work on the assembly line instead of manpower.

As the practicality gradually increases, the market value will become more and more important. Artificial intelligence and robots are getting closer and closer to our real life.

The country is about to introduce Industrial 4.0 guidance, and in 2015, the industry will begin to be internetized.

A few days ago, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology held an on-site conference on innovative internet and industrial innovation pilots in Qingdao. At the meeting, Wang Jianwei, Director of the Informationization Promotion Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, stated that in 2015, guidance on the integration of Internet and industrial innovation will be developed to further clarify the Internet and industry. Integrate the focus and direction of innovation.

As soon as the guiding opinions are released, Industry 4.0 will quickly enter the stage of marketization from the concept period. Industry 4.0 is based on the Internet and information technology. It provides market analysis for industrial enterprises through network technologies such as big data analysis to increase production efficiency and avoid blinding production that leads to overcapacity and corporate crisis.

The explosive development of the O2O market in 2014 enabled the retail industry and the service industry to rapidly integrate with the Internet. The combination of manufacturing and the Internet is an inevitable trend. With the government’s clear policies, Industry 4.0 will be actively responded to by Internet companies and manufacturing companies, and BAT with big data technology is bound to become one of the leading players.

According to General Electric, it is expected that industrial Internet technology innovation will be directly applied to all walks of life, and will generate economic benefits of US$32.3 trillion. By 2030, it will bring China’s GDP growth of US$3 trillion. 2015 will be the first year of Industrial Internet.

The Big Three will launch the fiercest competition in the O2O market

In 2014, the O2O market broke out completely. There were many entrepreneurial stars in the retail O2O, O2O service, community O2O, and automotive O2O fields. At the same time, the Big Three BAT continued to accelerate the development of the O2O market.

Prior to this, Baidu launched a direct number function will also be fully open to the market in 2015; Ali in view of past experience, out of the mobile social software for enterprises "spike", highly anticipated. In addition, as the birthplace of O2O, group purchase has always been the main battlefield of BAT's attention. Baidu invested 100 million yuan in 2014 and became the only giant in the BAT family that directly participated in the group buying market. Tencent and Ali respectively chose to invest in reviews. And glutinous rice.

The analysis of the layout of the Big Three O2O is very much, and everyone can intuitively feel that the Big Three basically completed the layout in the O2O field in 2014, and the rest is the work of checking the gaps. By 2015, the three O2O disputes will be upgraded from infighting to Ming and Zheng.

Mobile Payment Enters the Age of Giants and Internet Finance Has Become Standardized

Mobile payment has been hailed for many years, and it is officially in the second half of 2014 as the giants compete. At the end of last year, heavy news was reported that UnionPay would draw domestic mobile phone manufacturers and refer to Apple Pay's “fingerprint recognition + NFC payment” model to form Android Pay. This is China UnionPay's mobile payment plan for the 2C market with the largest investment after China Mobile competed for the mobile payment dominance. According to previous news, the AndroidPay project will be launched in March this year.

However, it seems that the industry is full of doubts about whether UnionPay can make mobile payments. After all, in the third-party payment market, Alipay’s preemptive quality has firmly dominated the market, and it invested heavily and offline during the double 12 period last year. Five-fold mobile payment campaigns of retail terminals such as supermarkets and convenience stores have achieved good results. In the battle for mobile payments, the industry seems to have better prospects for the development of Alipay wallets.

In addition to Alipay and UnionPay, the two major players, WeChat is also actively expanding the use of WeChat payment, but from the actual results, the news about WeChat payment is often thunder and rain.

In addition, Baidu also aggressively promoted Baidu’s wallet in 2014, but due to its late-coming disadvantage, it was still unable to directly compete with Alipay’s wallet in a short period of time. From a trend point of view, 2015 will be the year of ice-breaking mobile payment. Ali, UnionPay, Tencent and Baidu will spare no effort to continue to develop mobile payment services, especially near-field payment.

In addition to mobile payments, the internet finance industry continued to heat up in 2014. Internet banking was formally approved. After the New Year's Day, the premier visited the Tencent shares of Micron Public Bank for the first time. This was considered to be an encouragement to the Internet finance industry; and, P2P It has become the most competitive internet financial market in a short period of time. The valuation of Pingan Lujin has reached 10 billion U.S. dollars. However, many issues exposed in the P2P field have attracted the attention of the China Banking Regulatory Commission; Baby financial wealth management products continued to ferment in 2014, and Ali also launched innovative products such as Zhaobaobao and Yubaobao on this basis. As the government continues to push forward financial market reforms and the market bottlenecks that have been exposed by the recent turmoil in Yue Bao, Internet finance will gradually become more rational and standardized in 2015.

Internet and pharmaceutical industry wipe out more sparks

In the second half of 2014, sparks continued to emerge between the pharmaceutical industry and the Internet industry. Chun Yu doctor, Lilac Park and registered network have obtained huge investment, and Lily Garden and registered nets are funded by Tencent. On the other hand, Alibaba has established cooperative relationship with several hospitals through Alipay in building a future hospital; and Baidu Last year it reached a cooperation with the Beijing government to launch the Beijing Health Cloud Platform. Not only that, Xiaomi injected $25 million into the iHealth brand sub-entities all of Jiu An Medical last year. The internet pharmaceutical industry is obviously not hot and fired.

Just entering 2015, the Internet pharmaceutical industry has ushered in good news. Recently, there is news that the central government has already completed the personnel deployment and some policy support work in the regulatory areas such as prices. In the future, comprehensive adjustments will be made to the prices of medicines and monopoly industries. Affected by this news, the A-share pharmaceutical sector has fluctuate in recent days. Coincidentally, officials of the State Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) disclosed that the "Administrative Measures on Internet Food and Drug Administration Supervision and Administration," which had previously issued an exposure draft, will be discussed at the recent CFDA director's office. If approved, the approach will be based on departments. Publish in the form of regulations. According to industry sources, the "Measures" will allow some prescription drugs to be sold on the Internet. In the future, the medical e-commerce business will rob rice bowls with real retailers.

These two messages are not a good thing for the traditional medicine industry, but they are very good for the Internet medicine industry. If these two messages are implemented in 2015, the Internet pharmaceutical industry will usher in the spring of development.

Taxi, car rental and carpool market will be shuffled overall

The use of taxis and quick taxis has been raging for more than two years. At the end of 2014, it completed financing of US$700 million and US$800 million, making it the best preparation for the final competition in 2015. At the same time, Baidu and Uber formally signed a strategic cooperation and investment agreement in Baidu Building in Beijing. Some media speculated that the investment amount was US$600 million. Baidu's entry into the taxi market will further exacerbate the degree of market competition. In 2015, the taxi market will set off a bloody storm.

The hot market of taxis has driven the carpooling and car rental market to follow the hot market. Despite the rapid development of the taxi market, the special car business launched recently has been recognized as a black car. This is undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime event. Heavy blow.

It is to be pleased that the recent “People’s Daily” published an article questioning the malformation model of the taxi market and suggested that the taxi market regulation should be liberalized. This topic has caused a public and taxi driver’s applause from the country’s monopoly industries. Looking at the reform attitude, it is only a matter of time before the taxi market is used. If this is true, the Internet taxi market will usher in a new development opportunity.

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