·Automobile monopoly investigation or involving tire companies

According to the relevant departments of the National Development and Reform Commission, the anti-monopoly guide to regulate the monopolistic behavior in the automobile field is expected to complete the first draft by the end of October this year. The draft is expected to be submitted to the State Council Anti-monopoly Committee by June next year.

It is reported that in addition to giving anti-monopoly policy guidance on traditional parts production and supply, automobile sales and after-sales service, the guide will explain for the first time whether the controversial auto e-commerce sales behavior may constitute a monopolistic behavior. .

Relevant persons revealed that in the second draft of the anti-monopoly guide for the automotive sector held in recent days, the views of various parties on the issue of how to sell cars on the e-commerce platform are different. Some experts pointed out that the e-commerce platform can not directly carry out automobile transactions at this stage, and can only play the role of collecting deposits. According to Chinese law, manufacturers do not have the right to directly sell cars. At the same time, the person in charge of the automobile company suggested that the sales model of the car e-commerce should obtain an anti-monopoly exemption in terms of price restrictions.

Some insiders analyzed the Tire World Network. Although the discussion is mainly about the monopoly of automakers, auto parts companies may not be able to escape investigations, and may even involve parts e-commerce platforms including tires. . Earlier, it was reported that a number of parts and components companies, including a Korean tire company, were under investigation.

The automotive sector is now a major focus of antitrust enforcement. Last month, Dongfeng Nissan was issued a daily price of 123.3 million yuan. In addition, Audi, Chrysler and Mercedes were subject to administrative penalties for monopoly. In the past year, automakers, dealers, and component companies in the automotive industry received more than 2 billion yuan in antitrust penalties.

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