Asian 3D Printing Exhibition to be held next week

The 3D printing technology of the 3D printing exhibition held in Asia in the next half week is gaining more and more attention. It will attract attention from all walks of life at the Asian 3D printing exhibition held in China (Zhuhai) International Convention and Exhibition Center from October 15th to 17th. It is reported that Asia 3D printing exhibition will introduce the world's largest and most prestigious 3D printing industry event - Inside3D printing industry global summit forum and tour elements, will bring the 3D printing industry resources on the international market to China, thus promoting China 3D The printing industry has developed in a healthy and orderly manner.

Since the beginning of this year, the domestic 3D printing sector can be described as a policy of warm winds. On February 28th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the “National Additive Manufacturing Industry Development Promotion Plan (2015-2016)” that the development goal of 3D printing is: By 2016, China will initially establish a more complete additive manufacturing (commonly known as “ 3D printing ") The industrial system, keeping the overall technical level in sync with the international, reaching the international advanced level in direct manufacturing fields such as aerospace, and occupying a large market share in the international market.

According to the analysis, the realization of the “intelligence in China” transformation is a necessary path for China to enter the industrial 4.0 stage. 3D printing, as one of the landmark technologies of the third industrial revolution, is irreplaceable in “China’s intellectual creation”. The status of the government has made a detailed plan for the development of the 3D printing industry for a relatively short period of two years. It also shows the intention of the policy plan to be pragmatic. Therefore, the 3D industry will usher in considerable development with the support of policies.

McKinsey predicted in 2013 that the market size of 3D printing in 2025 is approximately $22.2 billion to $50 billion. The scale of China's market is in an expansion phase from scratch, thanks to breakthroughs in key technology bottlenecks, strong government support, rapid promotion of the concept of 3D printing, and chase for the capital market, and the Chinese 3D printing market will grow in the next five years. Usher in explosive growth.

People in the industry believe that the future 3D printing industry will continue to maintain rapid growth. In 2018, the total global 3D printing sales revenue will exceed 10 billion US dollars, and the total revenue in 2020 will reach 21.4 billion US dollars, with a compound annual growth rate of 32%. The current 3D printing technology and materials have reached a mature stage. With the continuation of industry mergers and acquisitions and the birth of more perfect products, the advantages of reduced material manufacturing will be even more pronounced, and an average annual growth rate of 30% can be achieved.

According to industry sources, with the maturity of 3D printing technology, the decline in industry application costs will interpret the world's infinite possibilities for 3D printing or explosive growth; the 3rd World 3D Printing Technology Industry Conference is about to be held, which will ignite the market. 3D concept stocks enthusiasm.

3D bio-printing is most concerned about 3D printing. 3D bio-printing is the most concerned. According to Yang Lan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Blu-ray Development, 3D bioprinting is different from today's popular 3D printing, printing toys, printing bones, printing medicines, and even printing cars and houses. They all belong to special materials such as titanium alloys. Bio-ceramics, polymers, etc., are used for physical printing without biological activity. There is no essential difference between manufacturing an inanimate object on a lathe in terms of activity, and only manufacturing methods.

“3D bioprinting is a field that combines high-end academic research in biomedicine, regenerative medicine, stem cell technology, etc. It aims to print out products that contain cellular components and that are biologically active, and its association with 3D printing lies in The active cells or tissues are printed in the form of 3D printing.” Yang Lan said that the core technology of 3D bioprinting is bio-bricks. It is a new type of precise stem cell culture system with bionic function.

Yang Hao said that the ultimate goal of 3D bioprinting is to achieve the core of blood vessel regeneration, to construct tissues and organs with complete biological functions, and to achieve accurate repair and replacement of lesions, aging tissues and organs. After the success of this technology, it is expected to solve the global problems faced by transplanted tissues or organs. "This is related to the health and life cause of all humanity."

"3D printing has changed the traditional medical surgical model, such as providing a more intuitive form of 3D stereology, providing both doctors and patients with preoperative planning and communication, preoperative simulation of complex surgery, and intraoperative navigation, which will increase the success of surgery. As the direct source of human active stem cells eliminates the exclusivity of the human body, 3D biometric printing, which features active cells, will greatly increase the progress of medical research and development, and postoperative recovery will also become smoother. "The chief scientist and CEO of Blu-ray Yingnuo, Kang Yujian pointed out.

Although the difficulty of current 3D bioprinting is as high as the “human landing project”, this does not prevent people from committing more enthusiasm to pioneering this field. For instance, Blu-ray Yingnuo, a subsidiary of Blu-ray Development Holdings, has established a 3D bio-printing industrialization base with an initial investment of no more than 50 million yuan. With the theme of “3D printing for regeneration and reconstruction”, Huaxi Hospital of Sichuan University carries out the strategic cooperation of engineering and technology based on clinical application products. At the end of April this year, the company announced an additional investment of 165 million yuan in the 3D bioprinting project.

The industry generally believes that 3D printing will have a lot to do in upgrading existing medical technology, such as personalized medicine. I believe that in the future there will also be breakthroughs in the printing of artificial devices, helping to solve problems such as organ defects and improving human life. On April 1st this year, Organovo, a world-renowned 3D bioprinting technology company, has published data on the world's first 3D bioprinted whole-cell renal tissue in Boston.

Conceptual stocks will become market outlets China's manufacturing output ranks first in the world, but it needs to maintain its dominant position for a long period of time. Traditional technologies are difficult to sustain and advanced technologies such as 3D printing must be used. The analysis believes that to achieve the perfect transformation to "China's intellectual creation" is the only way China must enter the industrial 4.0 stage. As the most iconic technology of the third industrial revolution, 3D printing has an irreplaceable position in "China's intellectual creation."

“The 3D printer is expected to act on the downstream industrial chain of the smart manufacturing platform through its 'additiveness' and intelligent technologies in the future, and will lead the transformation of 'Made in China' to 'Intelligence in China'. Policy continues to increase, the industrial space is gradually The expansion will effectively promote 3D printing technology into the turning point of the industry and achieve explosive growth,” said an expert.

At present, the current status of 3D printing can be summarized as "taking the lead in foreign countries and becoming a rising star in China". Developed countries have entered policy-intensive periods and have pushed 3D printing to the fabric of manufacturing transformation. The advantages of China's 3D printing industry policies are obviously obvious. The government has accelerated the frequency of policies, and has comprehensively planned the contents and provided greater support.

“The global 3D printing industry has entered a stage of growth and is irresistible.” Industrial Securities pointed out that the global print market is expected to reach US$10 billion by 2016 and the market scale will increase exponentially. It is expected that domestic 3D printing will usher in a “window” period in the next 3-5 years, and the potential market demand will be huge. The 3D printing industry has broad application prospects, surpassing traditions, and is widely used in industrial manufacturing, military, construction, medical, automotive and other fields.

Industry insiders believe that in the context of industrial chain applications entering actual combat, some old industrial chains will be eliminated, 3D concept related companies are expected to become the top of the new industry, and companies involved in printing materials, forming equipment, and terminal printing will continue to be affected. The city sought after, but will become a big outlet for the capital market.

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