All-solid-state lithium battery comes out: double the energy density through deep sea testing

The reporter recently learned from the relevant meeting held by the Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Process of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that the newly developed high-energy density, high-performance all-solid lithium battery has just passed the 11,000-meter full sea depth simulation pressure chamber cyclic pressure test. In the future, it is expected to become the ideal energy power for the deep submersibles such as the "Dragon".

It is understood that the traditional liquid lithium battery has the safety hazard of easy liquid leakage and fire explosion, and the comprehensive performance of the ordinary solid lithium battery cannot be taken into consideration. Relying on the research and development team of Qingdao Energy Storage Industry Technology Research Institute, which was built by Qingneng, under the guidance of Prof. Chen Liquan and Cui Guanglei, a series of all-solid polymer electrolytes with excellent comprehensive performance were developed to solve the above bottleneck problems.

The study found that the electrochemical window of the new all-solid electrolyte membrane can be as high as 4.6V, and the electrolyte thermal stability temperature can reach at least 200 ° C. When the electrolyte is used in an all-solid lithium ion battery, after 1000 cycles of charge and discharge, Still maintaining 92% capacity. Even when the researchers tested the chamfering and nailing of the solid state battery, it could still charge and discharge normally.

The successful development of an all-solid polymer electrolyte with high thermal dimensional stability, excellent mechanical strength, wide electrochemical window and high room temperature ionic conductivity will enable lithium-ion battery electrolytes to be used with electrode materials of various shapes. The combination of seams is expected to be applied to the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles on a large scale. According to the researcher of Qingneng Institute, such solid-state batteries will not cause fire accidents and other safety accidents even under the extreme conditions of collision and high temperature of automobiles.

Moreover, as this research result doubles the energy density of lithium batteries, the cruising range of electric vehicles is expected to increase to more than 450 kilometers, and the application prospect is extremely broad. Its excellent pressure resistance will also greatly advance the development of electric vehicles, spacecraft and deep submersibles.

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