20160119 Instrument News News Network

[Industry Focus of China Instrument Network] The news viewpoint focuses on the dynamics. Today is Tuesday, January 19, the tenth day of the lunar calendar. Instrument Network presents you with the latest developments in the industry. The main contents of today are:

Super cold wave struck, in addition to good people's warmth, the meter also need to do a good job of preventing freezing. 【details】

According to the Ministry of Water Resources, the national investment target for water conservancy in 2016 was about 800 billion yuan, and the favorable policies laid the foundation for the outbreak of the water meter industry. 【details】

As the "fuse" mechanism in China's financial sector has been blown and shocked the global market, how can the instrument industry properly understand the "fuse" mechanism? 【details】

In recent years, China's digital pressure detection instrumentation industry has maintained a steady state of development, and the market capacity continues to expand. 【details】

The “WeChat brand wall” produced by China Meter Network was formally launched to directly display the WeChat public number of instrumentation company and provide a platform for companies to display their brand image. 【details】

Liaoyuan Water Group has made great efforts in the water supply of “Internet+” cities, and has actively promoted the construction of smart water service platforms to provide a strong guarantee for the people’s water use. 【details】

The hydraulic machine mostly uses a liquid as a working medium, and a machine made according to the Pascal principle for transferring energy to realize various processes. The hydraulic machine is generally composed of three parts: the machine (main unit), the power system and the hydraulic control system. Hydraulic machines are classified into valve hydraulic machines, liquid hydraulic machines, and engineering hydraulic machines.

Different designers from different companies have different design concepts, resulting in different quality and basic differences.

The hydraulic machine is divided into four columns: single column type (C type), horizontal type, vertical frame, universal hydraulic machine, etc. according to the structure.
Hydraulic presses are mainly divided into metal forming, bending, stretching, punching, powder (metal, non-metal) forming, press fitting, and extrusion.

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