20160118 Instrument News News Network

[Industry Focus of China Instrument Network] The news viewpoint focuses on the dynamics. Yesterday was Monday, January 18th, the first day of the lunar calendar. InstrumentNet presents you with the latest developments in the industry. Let's review together the main contents of yesterday:

Explore the thirteenth five-year plan, China's instrument industry "rural encirclement of cities" development path. 【details】

The ultrasonic gas meter is an indispensable measurement instrument for the heating season. In the gradual and powerful development of gradually increasing types, what is the future path? 【details】

In recent years, the country has been implementing the transformation of rural power grids . What impact has this brought to rural areas? 【details】

Today we introduce a national utility model patent that was authorized on January 13, 2016—an intelligent water meter with an explosion-proof alarm. 【details】

The change is no longer unpredictable. China Metrology Institute has successfully solved the problem of meteorological measurement accuracy. 【details】

China's industrial control system is expected to be localized in the late 13th Five-Year Plan period. 【details】

The Aerospace 11 valve won the bid for international projects, reducing the dependence on foreign products. 【details】

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